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Chloe Elizabeth is a writer, visionary, perception shifter and personal development “guru.”

Together with universal principles, quantum physics and her own experiences, Chloe teaches you to flow with the universe in effortlessly achieving goals and creating the life you desire. She believes the old paradigms and beliefs we’ve been living by are all outdated, including the belief that life has to be hard and that we must sacrifice! Her philosophy is that everything starts from within, that to change your outer world, you must shift your inner world.

“Most believe that in order to make a change in their life, they must change and rearrange their outer circumstances. They believe they must “do” more or put in more effort. While this does work, these changes are minimal, capped, lead to burn out, resentment and sometimes even sacrificing something they value in exchange. I’ve discovered, from personal and client experiences, that there is a better way. An easier way. A new lens to view the world through. A new paradigm for how we “create” in our lives. And it all starts from within.” -Chloe Elizabeth

With Chloe's gift and ability to see the world through a uniquely different lens than what society sets up for us, she helps you quickly dissolve patterns that are no longer serving you- in business, health, finances, relationships and personal life- by shifting your perception and ultimately holding the vision of your higher self until you step into and embody this next level you fully!

Chloe’s journey inward began after a true “dark night of the soul.” Her first online business as a fitness coach and influencer came crashing down and she was stricken by unexplainable health issues that left doctors stumped. With nothing left and nowhere to go but “within,” she soon discovered how her mindset, beliefs about life and repressed emotions were the culprit for her repeated patterns, self sabotage and dis-ease. She then went down a path of self-discovery and self-love. After fully healing her body by shifting old, subconscious beliefs and programming, she became obsessed with her own personal development and growth. She expanded her studies of the brain from University by diving into areas such as NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), psychotherapy, and matrix energetics. The deeper she dove, the more her life began to shift in ways she could have never even imagined.

She quickly realized that she experienced everything she had been through for a very specific, divine purpose. She made a commitment to share her message and help others awaken to this new way of abundant living! She wants others to know that yes, they are in control, they can have, be or do anything they desire and that everything they could ever possibly need- including the power to do this- is already within them.

Chloe earned a Bachelors of Science in Neuroscience from the University of Texas at Dallas and has since then invested tens of thousands of dollars in her own personal development and growth.


“Our natural state is joy, bliss, vibrant health and abundant wealth! I help you strip back the internal layers blocking you from experiencing this- inside and out! Because after all- everything you need is already within you!”

xx Chlo

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