You Must Let Go of the Old to Energetically Create Space for the New


Recently I’ve felt oh so borreeeddd with myself.

Just flat out b-o-r-i-n-g.

Then as I dug deeper into this feeling to see what was bubbling below the surface,

I realized it was more of a frustration.

It was more of a feeling of being SO OVER all the shit that my inner being, my higher self had already moved on from that my lower/human self was still piddle dickin’ around with.

We tend to do that as humans. Stay stuck on the petty shit our higher self is already long gone from. It’s already moved on, off into the vortex of where everything we desire exists, and we’re still stuck over here, dealing with the old shit that we just haven’t decided to let go of yet for whatever lame, human excuse reason.

So as I’ve been silently observing myself like the good nonjudgemental observer I am, I realized all of the things that I have decided from here on out that I am done with.

So without further ado, here are all the things I am so totally DONE with, in a nice list directed at you because I know you are so totally done with them too.

  1. Dimming your light out of fear that shinning your light too brightly will cause others to feel bad about themselves. Or will cause those certain friends to hide away in their cocoon because you’re ultimately triggering them and bringing up their own insecurities. GOOD. They need to be triggered. Staying small is actually doing them, yourself and the rest of the world a disservice. As icky as it may feel at first, I love my friends that trigger the shit out of me and force me to growww.

  2. Hanging out with/talking to boys who you have ZERO connection/attraction to and don’t want to talk to for the sheer fact that you just don’t have the heart to say NO. Or because you convince yourself “what the heck, it’ll be fun, right!?” When it will in deed NOT be fun and deep down you know it. You’re only energetically taking up space and pushing the men that you much rather be playing with out of the picture ;) You’re welcome.

  3. Not booking all the plane tickets and making all the travel plans because the people around you can’t get off work or “can’t afford it.” One, stop letting the people around you dictate your life and two, you will meet new friends who will travel with you once you start traveling ;)

  4. Making up BS excuses for why you haven’t followed through with a certain project. HELLLOO, it doesn’t take 2.5 months to fucking write a sales page, launch a new offer, or even start a blog. I don’t care what your story is, they are all simply excuses. How do I know? Because I’ve used them all. Get over your own ish long enough to let that shit flow through you. Remember, this isn’t about you. The world needs you.

  5. Not working out or moving your body in SOME way shape or form every day because again, BS excuses. You say to yourself that you can’t because you have this huge long to-do list that you need to get done, so you skip the work out to knock it out. But then in fact don’t get ANY of the list done and just end up taking a 3.5 hour long nap and wake up confused AF as to where the hell the day went.

  6. Not saying wtf you want to say on the interwebs. Filtering your messaging, thinking things need to be all prim and proper and perfect. And “no I couldn’t possibly post this picture, it doesn’t match the filter theme I currently have going on.” blah de fuckin’ blah. So you end up not posting anything and your v important message that you had to share with the world ends up going to waste because Instagram Barbie over here couldn’t find the right fucking picture.

  7. Constantly thinking about the past. How this could have been different, how you should have said this, you should have done that. WHY didn’t this turn out differently and what you totally WOULD have said if you could go back in time. The past is done. Like a disney princess once said, “let it go.”

  8. Constantly thinking, focusing and worrying about what IS. Yea, you’re not in your IDEAL situation or where you want to be in life. Welcome to the club. We’re all constantly wanting to reach our next level, whatever that may look like. And the more you sit and ponder and wonder about what is in your currently reality, how much you hate it and want it to change, you just continue to create more of it. Your current 3D reality is a past manifestation. It is already manifested. Let me repeat that again for those in the back.. Your current 3D reality.. is a past manifestation. It is done. So why are you wasting any of your precious, energetic, magical manifestation powers on anything in the 3D!? Or anything you DON’T want for that matter. Snap out of that shit and put your focus in the 5D realm where all your desires are hanging out. Know they’re yours, feel it and believe it and watch as your 3D world begins to follow suit.

When we keep allowing the things we DON’T want in because maybe we’re not fully in the space of all that we do want, as harmless as they may seem, they are actually energy leaks causing us to stay stuck in our old ways.

They’re actually ways you are showing the Universe you aren’t yet ready for all that you do desire.

And once I realized this was the exact reason I had been feeling bored, frustrated, annoyed, all the things, with myself, it felt so damn good to just let it all go!

We must let go of old shit, habits and patterns to create space for all the amazing soul-aligned things coming our way!

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