Which Version of You Are You Choosing to Show Up As? 


Which version of you are you showing up as? 

Because all the versions of you already exist.

Oh didn't you know? 

The hot as fuck, has it all, living for her purpose work, worthy of all the love, millionaire you

And the continually stuck in the same old song and dance, wondering why she isn't getting anywhere, self sabotagy you.

And everything in between.

All versions of you are available, right here, right now in this time space continuum.

So let me ask you again, which YOU are you DECIDING to show up as? 

Or let me ask you a better question..

Which one are you more AWARE of.

Which one do you BELIEVE IN more? 

Which one were you CONDITIONED to believe in more? 

Because I can tell you that if you haven't decided to do the work, to do what it takes, the default you, the you the world conditioned you to believe in and trust in and show up as, IS indeed the version of you you are showing up as.

And I can also tell you that if you are one of us, and if you vibe with my shit and show up here regularly then you ARE indeed one of us, then you aren't TOO damn pleased with the version of you you are showing up as.

Because the version of you you were conditioned to be is NOT the real you.

It's NOT the you inside your soul.

So you can quit the pitty party about what CONDITIONED you did or didn't do yesterday or for the past 3 months or year and how the CONDITIONED you keeps getting caught up in old patterns, old behaviors, old ways of not moving you forward. You can drop that notion because it's NOT YOU.

It's simply a VERSION of you that you chose to buy into, a version of you that you have been conditioned to BELIEVE is real.

And the REAL you, the SOUL you, is over THERE, in the realm where all you desire and require exists, WAITING for you to wake up and become aware of it, WAITING for you to wake up and BELIEVE in IT with way more PASSION and POWER and ENERGY than you've chosen to believe in this false you.

Because you can't have both. It just doesn't work that way.

But you do get to have whichever one you damn well please.

It's just how this human experience works.

You were PROGRAMMED, you came into this earth, this physical experience, already chipped and coded and programmed to wake up and DESIRE with everything in you, this new and improved, OVER THERE, SOUL version of you.

And the reason for your bouts of depression, the reason for your anxiety, the reason for your "whoa is me," "wtf is a woman to do" with all this heaviness, doom and gloom bs is simply, oh so fucking simply, because you haven't DECIDED to be the version of you you came here to be.

Case and point no questions asked.

It's you not DECIDING to give up all the shit from the lower vibrations, clinging onto your old patterns for dear fucking life, out of fear, out of habit, out of idk, because they feel SAFE.

Because they feel familiar. Because for whatever reason there's a part of you that still MUST complain and stomp her feet and have her way and cry and pout that life ain't fair and that daddy needs to come and save you.

But how much longer are you going to go on with that show? 

Because your soul isn't having it.

And I know, OH how I fucking KNOW, that you quite frankly aren't having it anymore either.

So which will it be love? 

Today's a new day.

Which will you not just choose, but ducking DECIDE to BE.

It's up to you.

The worlds waiting.

Xoxo, Your mirror, Chlo