What If Everything We've Been Taught was Wrong?

Chloe Elizabeth

What if innately there was nothing wrong with us?

What if we were already whole, already complete, abundantly wealthy and healthy in nature..


And we were just conditioned to believe otherwise?


What if anything that told us otherwise, was simply a false belief we picked up along the way.


And that any sign in our physical world showing up as the opposite of whole, complete, abundant and in perfect health, was simply a manifestation of our false beliefs.





Relationship issues

Money struggles

Lack of purpose/fulfillment

All of it.



And what if then, the answer to all of our struggles is to simply become aware and strip ourselves of these false beliefs to make room for our true nature to shine through?


Ya with me?


What if all of the things that happen in our life that we label as “bad” simply happen because we’ve been ignoring our own needs for too long. Our thoughts, beliefs and feelings have been out of alignment with our true nature, our higher self, our soul, with how God sees us for so long, that these negative thought patterns and emotional wounds we carry in our subconscious mind manifested into our physical reality.


And that they didn’t manifest into our physical reality in order to punish us or because we’re bad luck or a victim or someone else did something to us and it’s all their fault but they manifested FOR US, so that we can become aware of them and we can then change our thinking and get back into alignment.



What if illness was just a wake up call that we have been out of alignment for far too long?


And symptoms are simply our body saying uhh HELLOOO, WAKE TF up.


What if the symptoms and sickness we experience are simply the thoughts, beliefs and feelings we have been ignoring, manifested in our body to get our attention?


Well that would mean the way we’ve BEEN going about health is most definitely not the path of least resistance.

That would mean we ARE control, we DO have the power- once we become aware of it, our body was created to HEAL because we already ARE whole and we don’t have to project our healing ability onto a doctor or medication any longer.


It means we don’t have to live with random issues, illnesses, disease that we’ve been told are “normal and just something you have to deal with” or any type of struggle for that matter.


It means WE create our own reality.


And it means that everything we could ever possibly need or require, is within us.

All the love,