Your Illusionary Pitty Party and Remembering Who You Are


Your breakthrough is on the other side of your pitty party.

Your breakthrough is on the other side of you waking up and realizing that YOU are literally choosing to stay stuck and replay your same old drama story.

That the you you so desperately want to be, is just a shift in feelings and emotions away.

That’s it.

It’s that simple.

Your current emotions and feelings and thoughts that you are thinking, are the only thing in your way.

So why don’t you just shift them?

Ahh! See, that’s the key.

But we can’t see the key when the negative feelings and emotions are the special guests at the party.

We can’t escape them long enough to catch a breath.

So let me remind you to

S H I F T.

Because when we’re down and clouded out by what we don’t want, it’s like our memory gets erased, we temporarily forget who we are, who we came here to MF BE.

It’s like we forget our greatness, our power, our gifts, ALL the fucking good in our life we have created so far.

It’s like we’re violently SUCKED into another dimensional reality.

One that could be described as.. idk… HELL?

Because you can’t get there from here.

You can’t get to your higher vision whilst hanging out, drinking punch at your pitty party.

And you also can’t remember to SHIFT when you’re busy entertaining your illusionary guests at your illusionary party either.

So what happens?

It drags on and on, way longer than you intended.

A simple day of “taking it easy” of “self love” because you’re feeling “off”

turns into a nightmare of not getting shit done.

And your negative feelings and emotions continue on..

and on and on and on.

And all of a sudden you wake up one day confused, utterly BAFFLED and wondering how the F*CK you drifted so far away from your vision, so far away from your dream that was OH SO CLOSE to becoming a reality.

And you know what the secret is?

That it’s ok.

It’s 100% ok and sometimes totally necessary to drift this far out.

And the secret behind the secret? Is oh so simply to NOT beat yourself up and criticize and complain and get pissed off and ranty at yourself for momentarily being led astray.

Because THAT is how dreams get thrown down the toilet like most well intended people who just give up their soul work, their purpose, what they came to this planet to MF do, for the infamous life of mediocrity.


But you would never do that, now would you?

But I know you’ve gotten awfully close.

So before you jump off that ledge my friend,

let me oh so gently remind you to MF


To cut it out.

REACH for the next best feeling, the next best thought, the path of least resistance and FLOW with it.

Do anything you can to make yourself FEEL GOODD, right here, right now, in this moment.

And wake TF up.

Wake TF up and simply REMEMBER.

Remember who you are.

Because the world needs you.

YOU need you.

And where were you again?

Oh yea, back home where you belong. <3

Feels good, doesn’t it?

xoxo, Chlo