Do You Truly Believe In Your Limitlessness?

The Boho Boujee Goddess

Do you truly truly deep down believe in your limitlessness? If you truly did, what would you be doing differently?

We are all limitless but you have to CHOOSE to live from this limitless place.

You have to KNOW and believe and decide.

And let go of the thoughts and beliefs that say otherwise. Let go of the resistance.

It’s not a matter of being lucky, It’s simply deciding.

It’s deciding that you get to

>feel a certain way

>live from a place of ease and flow

>regardless of circumstances.

>regardless of how everyone else around you is living.

>that the better life gets, the better it f*cking gets.

and becoming aware of when you fall back into old sabotagey patterns.

Because they’ll sneak up on you.

Like a thief in the night.

And you’ll wake up one day, half of your life gone, with an aching loneliness inside because you never took action on your TRUE purpose work.

You get to make the rules. {bc the rules we’ve been taught to live by, aren’t real anyways.}

It’s all a game of make believe.

So who you are make believing you are?

It’s a matter of choosing to live in a dimension of higher love and an overflow of abundance, even if everyone around you is choosing to complain, choosing to live from ego.

It’s about choosing the best bc you KNOW you DESERVE the best and nothing less.

Everyone does but most don’t wake up to it and claim it.

Everything is available to each and every one of us at all times. Always.

Abundance, love, flow.

It’s just part of being the infinite being + god/goddess that you deep down are.

But it’s our job to let go of the resistance to let it in.

To let it flow.

So what are you currently choosing?

Are you happy with your currently reality?


“It could be better.” You say.

“There’s an emptiness, a loneliness I can’t quite explain, like something is missing.” You admit.

Then what are you doing to change that?

Are you listening to the call of your soul?

Or are you ignoring it out of fear?

FEAR of what others may think, or say or how they PERCEIVE you.

Fear that you aren’t good enough.

Aren’t worthy enough.

That “all this is fine and dandy for you, but nah it could never work for me".

If you truly believed in your limitlessness, you would be out there,


Doing the damn thing.

Changing the damn world.

Letting GO of what this world thinks and believes and creating a damn NEW one.

For yourself, for your future.

For everyone else waking up to these inherent truths.

You would see how truly NEEDED you are.

Your gifts.

Your story.

Your wisdom.

Did you think God/the Universe just gave you all these experiences and wisdom and soul knowledge to keep all to your f*cking self!?

How EGO-ey of you.

How, dare I say, SELFISH of you.

But I forgive you nonetheless.

Because I know that’s not who you truly are.

Because you WANT to change the world, you WANT to impact the world.

It’s just who you are. It’s encoded in your soul.

But the false you, is too busy telling and selling you lies, and you my love, have been FAR too busy believing all of them.

So what is it going to be?

How much longer are you going to suffer in this illusion you keep dragging yourself into?

Your higher self, your SOUL, has already forgiven you and moved on.

Your soul, your inner being, has already moved on and is well in alignment with your higher purpose, your higher vision.

The question is then, are YOU ready to let go and be guided?

You can cling onto the old you, the whiney, ego-ey you who needs to take an energetic shower (or two) all you want.

But I’ve played that game before and let me tell you, it’s a trap.

It’s a trap we’ve bought into and I’m here to show you the way out.

It’s quite easy honestly.

The Universe has been showing you ways to exit the trap your whole life experience actually.

Why do you think all the things your human self labels as “bad” continue to happen to you? Hmm.. ?

Because you’re unlucky?

Because of Karma?

Because bad things just happen to you and you’re such a victim and can never catch a break?

Oh please.

Save your excuses for someone else trapped in their woe is me sob story.

You create your own world.

But you knew that.

Or else you wouldn’t be here in mine.

They continue to happen because they are happening FOR you.

And for whatever humanly reason you have failed to make this connection.

You have failed to WAKE UP and take notice.

But your soul notices.

And these struggles, these pains, these events, these circumstances, these people who “do you wrong” who are actually simply reflecting back what is inside of you, is honestly and brutally simply YOU, YOU being out of alignment with your TRUE self you see.

So let me ask you this… are you tired of pretending?

Of believing that you somehow, someway AREN’T limitless??

Because ponder this..

wouldn’t it just be SO. MUCH. EASIER. to believe that you are?

Mirroring you back so hard rn + always,