Plot Twist- There's Nothing Wrong With You + Your Problems Aren't Real

I’m lazy, I procrastinate, I don’t like clock time (because it’s just an illusion right lol excuses maybe) so I’m basically always late.

I tend to run away from any type of structure,

My brain is chaotically crazy, with ideas and thoughts and creations and weird alien galaxy things buzzing through it 24/7.

Give me a planner and I will waste a week and 5 days trying to organize it and not understanding the point of how it even works but HEY at least I think it’s pretty??

And yet somehow I managed to make all A’s in school because it was just EASY, no need to study or try to organize a planner, it just came naturally, because that’s just what we f*ckin’ do right!?

But none of that matters.

None of anything that they taught us matters.

And that’s the whole effin point you see.

Is that it’s all made up.

And we were simply made to believe there was something wrong with us.

Because once you cut the cords and detach the bs stories and dramas and conditioned nonsense,

you come to realize that you are pure magic.

You always were.

Everything about you is just perfect.

It’s just the way it is.

There is no “right” or “wrong'“

“Good” or “bad”

There’s just.. YOU.

And that’s all there ever will be.

Because everyone is just a reflection of your magnificent self.

SO you better start OWNING it sister.

Because how do you want to continue on from this point forward?

Thinking and believing and obsessing and stressing, believing the false illusions that you are somehow, someway broken? And constantly caught in the notion, in the trap of obsessively trying to “fix” yourself?

Or seeing straight through the 4D veil and polarizing the shit out of that duality?

Stepping into and owning your mess, owning your magicalness, owning the fact that the way you do things, is the way things MUST be, there couldn’t be any other way. Because you’re the creator, you run the show, so you get the last MF say.

But you have to step up and claim it.

Or else you’ll continue to be caught in the collective lies, the collective sticky illusions that the rest of the world is running around in circles trying to get out of.

They can’t seem to figure out whether to go left or right.

They’re so consumed and doomed that they can’t see clearly enough through the fog to see quite plainly that the answer is UP.

Because you can’t solve a problem from the same level of consciousness that created it.

But you can, oh you so MF can, “solve” it once you realize and truly understand…….

That there was never a problem to begin with.

All the love,