The Current Version of You is Enough: Stop Blocking Your Manifestations


Relaxing into and feeling grateful for this current version of you and knowing it is enough..

Because you’re enough.

You’ve always been enough.

The other day during my journaling, I felt something inside of me that needed to be looked at but couldn’t quite put my finger on.

It was this feeling that the current version of me, with all my wounds and beliefs and things that I knew I still needed to work on and shift, wasn’t enough.

That I needed to reach my next level, before I was able to receive everything I currently desire.

It’s this pattern that we all carry to some extent and can so easily fall back into, of working, STRIVING, “hustling,'“ needing to PROVE ourselves, in order to EARN, in order to DESERVE, what it is our soul desires.

And I realized quickly that this belief, this vibration, was blocking the EFF out of me receiving everything I desire.

Because striving or “trying” to get somewhere and achieve something, implies you don’t already have it. It puts an energetic wall up between you and your desire.

You’re in the state of “trying.”

vs being in the state of knowing and trusting and receiving.

Do you feel the difference?

It was this fear, this belief, this false illusion that was keeping me from fully FEELING that everything I desire, require and know to be true in my soul is already mine.

Because it is.

And this is true for you too.

If you have a desire, it is already yours. It is already a thing. It is already available to you. It is already created.

It’s just in a different realm.

A realm that is real, but just so happens to fall out of the visible light category on the Electromagnetic Spectrum.

It’s in the spiritual/energetic realm.

So you just can’t see it.

Which is why most people don’t believe it.

But you can feel it.

And everything in the physical realm, is first created in the spiritual/energetic realm.

And manifests into our physical realm via our thoughts, feelings and vibration.

Via our emotions.

So everything inside of you is real.

Your desires are real.

And oh so obtainable.

And quite frankly I wish someone would have explained life like this to my super scientific Neuroscience brain waaay sooner, because it just makes f*cking sense.

Even if you don’t believe in the woo woo or whatever people like to call it.

It’s quantum physics.

(I truly debated whether or not to put “bitch” after that last sentence^^, like “it’s Britney bitch.” laughed at myself a little then decided not to. Then decided that I must tell you about it.)


When you are manifesting/calling anything you desire into your life, you MUST know and feel it’s already yours.

You must break down the energetic barriers telling you otherwise.

You MUST know that YOU ARE ENOUGH, “flaws” and ALL to receive everything your heart, your SOUL desires, simply because you ARE.

Simply because you are an extension of God, you are divine, you are a powerful creator.

And life is a continual journey of “becoming.”

You never “get there.”

There is no end goal, like “hello, you have now successfully cleared all your shit.”

No, it doesn’t work that way. When that happens you turn into a bright ray of f*cking sunshine energetic light and go back to that from which you came. Like Jesus and all the other ascended masters.

So you never “arrive.”

You’re good enough now.

You’ve always been good enough and you always will be.

You get to call in and receive everything you desire now, simply because you do.

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And as always, remember, everything you need is within you.

All the love,


You already ARE that next level

What if we truly felt, embodied and ACTED from this next level place, knowing that it already IS us, simply because we have the desire for it. That