Trapped Inside the Entrepreneurial Box


How tired are you…

TIRED.. of this god awful game.

This god awful entrepreneurial game that keeps you inside this entrepreneurial box.

You THOUGHT you were already DONE with the boxes of the world.

You escaped the first by rebelling, by CHOOSING to become an entrepreneur

and yet, here you are…

TRAPPED, yet again, in a box that feels less than comfortable, less than fun, less than ALL of you and who you came here to MF BE.

Because you didn’t come here to be a “entrepreneur.”

Oh no.

You came here for GREATNESS.

You came here to steal the show.

You came here to BE the MF show.

You came here to be simply.. YOU.

And this entrepreneurial box filled with prim, proper and polished, every day, Sally next door entrepreneurs is eating you ALIVE.

You feel constricted.

You feel unsure.

You feel like “WTF, HOW tf did I even end up here?”

“With my business running my life?”

“With my hustle and bustle and GRIND running my life?”

With the uncertainty and fear and constant comparison and lack and guilt and SHAME, hidden beneath the layers??

Well what if I told you quite simply.. you’ve been doing it all wrong.

You’ve been doing it all wrong, my dear, and your soul has been SCREAMING at you to realize this.

Yes, of course.

That is what this struggle and emptiness and uncertainty is about, don’t you see?

It’s your SOUL.

Knocking, quite hard, on your little head to open TF up and let it OUT.

Let it breathe.

To embrace it, ALL of it, all of YOU and to start living from it.

To start doing business and life how YOU truly want to.

NOT how some 1,2,3 step formula for success business coach told you how.

Because you came here for MORE.

You didn’t come here for mediocrity.

And just because you’ve built this free from the 9-5 life as an entrepreneur doesn’t mean you escaped mediocrity. Oh no.

it still lingers over you,

over your head, day and night,

much like a grouchy cat whose litter box hasn’t been changed in weeks.

What kind of analogy is that?

Idk, I don’t care and that’s simply besides the point.

The point of the point, if there really ever is a point, is THIS.

It’s time to UNLEASH all that you are here to be.

It’s time to STEP INTO and BECOME the BADASS, does it HER MF way you, you always knew you were here to be.

It’s time to stop HIDING.

It’s time to stop PRETENDING.

It’s time to let the WORLD know that you mean business.

and by business I mean fun and games and shenanigans of course.

I mean breaking the rules and creating your OWN.

I mean living your amazing mf life and letting the business just FLOW from that.

Letting the business fit INTO your life, because how could you ever separate the two?

You ARE the business.

It was you all along.

The answer you’ve been searching for, crying and screaming and pulling your hair out over for was always..


Because this is YOUR life, don’t you see?

And everyone else is just a reflection of you.

Just a mirror.

Just an extension of the same divine light and love.

So isn’t it about time everyone KNOWS who TF you are?

Isn’t it about time you command the stage and people bend and sway to your every post and word?

Because you didn’t come here to fit inside a box.

You came here to be a mf QUEEN.

A GODDESS, none the less.

So when are you going to wake up and claim your mf throne!?

The world is waiting.

And remember, everything you need is within you.


Chloe Elizabeth