That Peace that Surpasses All Understanding


Your life will drastically change once you awaken to the truth that everything is happening FOR you.

Even the circumstances we perceive as "bad."

The universe, angels, every cell in your body is on YOUR SIDE.

It is all working out for our highest good, always

Because in the spiritual world, the 5d realm, the dimension where everything is simply energy, including you and me, there is no "good" or "bad." There's only love.

And you are experiencing everything you are experiencing because it is EXACTLY what you need in order to reach your NEXT LEVEL self.

Isn't that beautiful? Isn't it amazing how everything is orchestrated so perfectly in our favor? 

The moment I was jolted awake with this realization, everything began to change.

God, my soul, the Universe, had been working everything out in my favor in order for me to get to where I am right here, right now in this moment, as peaceful, healed, happy and whole as ever. 

And getting better and better every day. 

But I couldn't see it then bc I was too stuck in my own drama.

I was too caught up in labeling everything in that moment that was happening to me as "bad" "terrible" "hopeless." 

My ego and phrases I picked up when I was younger of "not good enough" "can't do anything right" replayed constantly in my head.

But once I saw that little glimpse of light, I clung onto it for dear life and let it guide me out of the shadows.

I allowed it to guide me to healing my past, letting go of old mental patterns, creating new belief systems, releasing stuck emotions, feeling all the feelings and realizing I could experience them without being pulled into darkness, healing my body and countless health issues I had piled up by the age of 25.

And ultimately realizing that I was ENOUGH, just as I was. 

I learned to become whole + realize that everything I had ever been searching for was within myself all along. 

Life began to MAKE SENSE for once.

That "peace that surpasses all understanding" actually became a FEELING that I consistently felt rather than mere words we cling to + repeat over and over again in our heads.

And this can become true for you too if you choose.

It’s simply the mindset work, the soul work, the uncovering of the fears, becoming conscious of how your story has shaped you and how you have the choice to rewrite it. It's awakening to the magic that's always been within you but for some reason we've been taught to search for it outside of ourselves.

Realizing that YOU are enough. 

YOU are overflowing with LOVE.

And living life from a place of being totally in love with the infinite, powerful being you are.

It’s realizing that everything you’ve perceived to be wrong with you and your life..

Is actually the crack in the wall in which to move THROUGH + emerge into ALL you were created to be.

That you were placed on this earth for a MF purpose and when you do this inner work, you begin to realize that purpose has NOTHING to do with and does not whatsoever include some corporate job busting your ass 24/7 for someone who doesn't appreciate you and will replace you in an instant if you decided to quit if you don’t want it to.

Because you are naturally abundant.

I believe and KNOW, we all have unique gifts inside of us that can emerge and bloom and flourish..

..only from deciding to dig deep and doing this inner work.

Having a real, true, feeling connection to God, yourself and your infinite potential is what heals you.

In all areas of life.

Mind. Body. Soul.

It’s what brings forth what is within you.

Bc maybe you haven't realized it yet, but a WHOLE UNIVERSE lives inside of you.

A universe of INFINITE, limitless potential that you were never made aware of bc we’re surrounded by people who aren't aware of it within themselves.  

You were never broken, you were just taught you were.

You were never not enough, you were just made to believe that silly lie. 

You were always a goddess, a QUEEN, 

You just happen to be in the process of realizing you misplaced your crown.




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