Your Business is Your ART- Doing What You Must


Your business, your purpose work, is your ART- [stop trying to fit it inside the box of the every day Jack + Jane entrepreneur]

I don't do it for the likes, the comments, the shares, validation.

I do it because I MUST.

I don't write my crazy, spacey, higher self blogs for the people.

I write them for myself.

Although somewhat for the people. 
But not the human people.
Oh no.
The soul people.
The YOU that sees yourself in ME

I write them and do what I do because what needs to flow out, MUST flow out.
Or else the flow gets disrupted.
The energy gets backed up.
The art, the creativity, the UNLEASHMENT of it all
(Is that a word?)
(Doesn't matter)

I don't do it for the money.

Although the money is just a given.

Unleash your soul
And the money just comes.
Because that's just how it gets to be.
You get to make money just because you do.

And the flow, the ease, the FUN of it all,
Comes from expelling all that is within you, each and every day.

Because to hold it in would equal death.
Not instantly of course.

But a slow and painful one that starts early on, in your 20s, like the REST of the zombies of the world.

Because to unleash what is inside of you. What is within you, what you came here to MF do,
Is to UNLOCK and step into and play in a whole nother realm.
A whole nother dimension.
One where you get to have it ALL. 
One where all your desires are REAL and just waiting for you to wake up, step up, align with your soul and take the inspired MF action.

It's to lift the veil and experience the juicy, abundant, blissful life of ecstasy that is available to you NOW.

It's available to you now.
It always has been and always will be.

It's just a matter of putting your ego aside and letting your TRUE SELF SHINE.

It's just a matter of doing what you MUST.

xx, Chlo