You Shall Know the Truth and the Truth Shall Set You Free


We are 100% in control. We create our own reality.

You are manifesting everything in your life just perfectly.

Everything happening in your life, the good, the bad, the ugly, is exactly what you need in order to reach your next level self.

Including dis-ease.

Because you can’t believe thoughts are things and everything is energy and then turn the other cheek when it comes to illness.

We manifest it all.

And once we get over the initial shock and “holy shit.”

It’s actually an empowering truth.

It means we are not helpless.

It means our fate is not left in the hands of some doctor or some pill.

It means our bodies can heal.

and it means that WE have the power to heal them.

And I truly believe this for everyone.

But it's our CHOICE to acknowledge that truth and rise up to live from that place.

If not, we'll just remain stuck,

believing we're not in control, thinking our bodies will never heal, thinking we’re confined to the box of chemicals, prescriptions and western medicine.

Which can be and is a beautiful thing.

It’s much needed.

But as you continue to rise, you quickly come to the realization, the truth,

that this is not THE way.

That there must be a better way.

A move divinely laid out, intelligent way.

A way that gets to the root of the symptom rather than covering it up.

A way that connects you more fully to your body and allows a seamless communication between body, mind and soul.

A way that feels more real, more raw, more NATURAL.

More like Truth on a deep soul level.

It’s the truth of the raw healing power within you.

You know, like when you were little and cut your toe.

It just healed.

You didn’t think anything of it.

You just knew.

That same power is available to you to heal everything else in your body, your mind,

your soul.

Waiting to be unleashed.

Waiting for you to rise up and acknowledge it.

To accept it, to see it, to unlock it.

To let go of all the false beliefs and limiting mental patterns standing in the way of it breaking through the dam.

The beliefs keeping you constrained, trapped, stuck in this limited paradigm box.

Because really that’s all that is in the way.

That’s all that is in the way of you seeing the Truth of your being, your natural essence.

That wellness is your birthright.

Abundant, infinite health is your natural state.

And it readily available to you right here, right now, in a moment’s notice,

an instant if you so believe.

And once you truly truly see this Truth, this Truth shall forever set you free.