Stop Allowing the Outer World to Control You: Owning Your Power + a Possibly Triggering Political Post

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I don't usually talk about politics because back in the day I use to obnoxiously talk about it from an egoey place and it was such a soul sucking energy drain.

I even got called out indirectly in my sorority's chapter meeting once for sharing offensive shit on fb😂 I use to unapologetically share all the bold, triggering articles and posts. It is what it is. That's a story for another day.

But this came to me about the Kavanaugh situation and I believe it's v important and something everyone needs to hear.

This is a perfect situation to remember and really own the fact that no matter what happens in the outer world, we are in control of our inner world.

No matter what happens in the outer world, no matter what happens to Kavanaugh, that doesn't discount Christine's story. It doesn't make her story, her voice, her truth, what she has to share, any less powerful.

It's still her experience to grow through, evolve, empower others and heal the world with if she chooses.

I have all the love and compassion for her and others who experience so much pain and trauma and shutting down bc of experiences like this.

And you and anyone else has every right to feel angry, upset, frustrated and all the rage if that's how you feel about the outcome of the situation. Feeel all the feelings.

Because at the end of the day, what matters is what we choose to do with these emotions. It's what we choose to do with our trauma. It's whether we choose to sit and stay stuck in it and continue to carry it around with us throughout our lifetime or whether we choose to transmute it all and rise above.

Staying stuck in the lower vibrations of fear and trauma because of an outcome, because of another human or circumstance, is giving our power away. It doesn't lead to justice, it doesn't affect the other party, it only affects the person carrying these feelings. And ultimately it keeps them trapped in lower vibrations that continue to attract the like.

Our power, our victory, the real justice is in consciously choosing to heal, release, and transmute these lower vibrations into ones of love and compassion. It's in owning our sovereignty and taking responsibility for our inner world. Because THAT'S how you change the outer world. By healing you first.

By knowing and trusting that everything is always working out for your highest good. By taking control of the Universe inside of you and knowing that by doing so, you affect the whole. You ultimately raise the vibration of the collective.

This is your power. This is the inner alchemy that leads to the world we so desperately seek. That leads to peace.

And the choice is always up to us, right here, right now, in this moment, no matter the situation or circumstance in your life, this always applies.

Because everything is inside of you.

You always have the choice to choose fear

Or stand in your truth, own your power and ultimately choose love✨ 

All the love, 



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