When Are You Going to Be Done Making Things Harder Than They Need to Be??


YOU are it.

Stop looking to everyone else.
Stop looking at everyone else's content.

Stop searching for the answers everywhere BESIDES INSIDE yourself, inside your SOUL,

Where you KNOW damn well all answers lie and where you're gonna end up looking ANYWAYS,
once you get tired and fed up and frustrated and have just HAD IT with yourself looking every where else to no avail.

I mean, it's ridiculous that everyone is not looking to YOU, don't ya think? 
Not looking at all YOUR content,

BEGGING to work with you,

BEGGING to understand YOUR fucking brain. 

Bc business is actually EASY.

You know how to make it EASY.

You know how to make this ACTUALLY fucking work.
You know how to make money online being fucking YOU.

(I mean, you've always been good at just being you, but maybe somewhere along the way you just quite simply.. forgot?)

All the complicated shit people think you need, you don't fucking need it.

You know how to get peoples asses in gear and help them BELIEVE in themselves enough to get out there and DO the MF damn thing. How to get out there and SEPARATE themselves from the rest.
You know how to do EXACTLY what you are here to MF do, oh deep down you DO.

So why aren't you doing it??

It might seem overwhelming with all the SEA of entrepreneurs out there but when you think about it, how many are ACTUALLY showing up? 

Not that that has ANYTHING to do with whether or not you're successful, I mean we're not stuck in a scarcity mindset, are we? 

But the work between not making it and ACTUALLY making it, is not that huge of a leap, it's just a decision, 
a simple decision to be successful,
a simple decision to flip the MF switch and BE successful.


Because yes, all it takes to be "successful" is simply showing up and being you.

Because when you're being ALL of you, you can't NOT help people.
You can't NOT do what you came here to do.
It's just in your blood.
It's coded deep in your DNA.

And the reason you're maybe not as successful as you KNOW you will be now is because there's still a part of you that's scared,

a part of you that's holding back,

a part of you that hasn't decided to go HELL YES all in yet,

and THAT part of you, 
is the part that needs to be UNLEASHED.

That's the part of you that needs the confidence, that needs someone to BACK her, that needs someone to push her just a tiny little bit to OVER the edge and REMIND you who you MF ARE. 

Someone to be like LOOK, this isn't fucking hard, you're just MAKING it hard, are you IN this or fucking NOT? 

Because you can choose to struggle and wonder WHEN and wonder HOW and think SOME fucking day I'm going to make it and you can stay stuck in this place for YEARS, or you can DECIDE, TODAY,

that you're DONE with that shit, that that doesn't have to be your story anymore,

and once you just jump in and say YES to yourself,

YES to your soul,

you'll laugh at yourself about how damn EASY it was,

about how damn EASY it gets to be

and that you were too damn busy clouding yourself with every excuse and fear in the MF book to see that EASY was right in front of you the whole damn time.

all you had to do was get over your shit long enough to just. simply. DECIDE.

All the love,