Where All Answers Lie


Why would you, how COULD you ever possibly think that you came here to follow the steps of someone else!?

To live your life, to create your business, to bring your wisdom + gifts in the way that anyone else is already doing said things?


I’m waiting.

Oh, I can continue?

Thank you.

And YOU can drop the drama and the bs and the comparing and sharing and woe is meing all over the damn place about you not being good enough,

about how the way you desire to do things is too crazy, too out there, will never work,

isn’t like so and so who is already making money

or like so and so who is making millions!

Because I might not know you personally but I can take a jolly good guess that so and so is NOT your name.

You must drop all stories all thoughts and ego.

You must tap into the place, the one and only place that will and always has held all answers.

Because I’m not here to tell you how to build your business, how to do a certain 1,2,3 kind of jig, sort of formula online.

I’m here to guide you back to the source, THE source,

the Wizard of Oz you could say,

but this wizard doesn’t reside in Oz, you see,


This wizard, this guru,

this all knowing source of power and flow and all answers you seek to living an abundant life by just being you is in the one and only place you oh so conveniently forgot to look.

And no, my gosh, it’s NOT me, so you can drop that story too.

Because the one and only place for all answers,

has and always will be, quite simply. quite frankly,

well.. within


Everything you need is already within you-