Drop it, Drop it [F]low Girl


Dropping into flow.

So boho n boujee, aren’t we?

Well of course.

How could it BE any other way!?

I mean, I AM the Boho Boujee Goddess.

I am rich from my soul work.

And you get to be too.

These are things I have always known to be true, yet have had trouble accepting.

Had trouble owning/couldn’t fully drop into yet because I was too busy galavanting around with my fear while my higher self just watched from afar.

Just watched and laughed knowingly.

Just watched and laughed and waited for me to hurry up and come back home.

But she actually wasn’t in a hurry because she knew coming back home,

dropping back into flow,

into this deep inner knowing,

was inevitable.

It was planned out since the beginning of time.

It’s just inevitable to come back to soul.

To come back to who you always knew you were here to be.

Because the longer you wander

and the more you stray,

the louder your soul becomes.

And soon enough, you begin to not even be able to hear your own bullshit over the screams and cries of your soul.

All this was perfectly planned and laid out for you of course,

before you even entered this body you currently occupy.

Everything is just perfect and planned,

including you reading this post.

Our meeting,

whether cyberly or in person,

our working together.

Because souls always find each other.

It’s just the way the Universe works.

Can’t you see how perfectly planned it all is?

So why don’t you have a little more faith,

a little more trust.

A little more letting go and allowing what is meant to be,

the inevitable;

your abundance,

your health,

your wealth,

your joy, your bliss, your ecstasy that is already yours,

the reasons and flow and purpose you are on this mf planet,

to just come to you already!?

When are you going to realize that all you ever needed to do was let tf go and allow!?

And anytime you stray, anytime you wander, anytime you feel the griping and controlling and doubting taking over,

Just remember that’s all you have to do to come back, you see.

Allow and flow and know and trust.

Because our souls,

YOUR soul,

has always known.

So it’s time to let tf go of all the bullshit and

just be.

xx Chlo

P.S. You can access flow whenever.

It is always available to you.