How You FEEL is Not an Excuse- Quit Putting Off What You Came Here to Do

The Boho Boujee Goddess

“I’m tired of feeling this way.”

“I’m tired of this..”

“I’m tired of that..”

Well then let me just go out on a limb here and ask you a ballsy question that you might not have thought of…

How do you WANT to feel then, hmm!?

Mind blowing, I know.

It’s quite a simple concept really.

Yet all too often we just simply forget.

Or we’re so caught up with all the negative feelings and emotions or things that we DON’T want that we just oh so conveniently FORGET that we get to choose how we feel.

That all we need to do to SHIFT,

is be clear on how we DO desire to feel in that moment.

And once we have clarity on that, we can shift instantly.

Because no circumstance, no person, no event, NOTHING outside of you, has the ability to make you feel a certain way.

You’re the one allowing it to.

You’re the one being an easy first date and allowing your emotions to go SOUTH, the second someone even LOOKS in your direction with energy that triggers you.

So quit blaming your feelings on why you haven’t done what it is you mean to do in the world.

Quite blaming your feelings on why it is you can’t take action AGAIN because well, quite frankly,

when it comes down to it, “ya just don’t fuckin’ feel like it today.”

Yet you whine and cry and piss and stomp (piss? well I hope you don’t piss all over the damn place when you get angry, but idk that’s just what rolled out at the moment so lets go with it shall we?)

You whine and cry and piss and STOMP and throw a little tantrum about WHY you’re not where you want to be, about WHY you’re not famously famous on the internet already and why even in the name of all that is holy do ALL the people not know who you are already and you just can’t POSSIBLY seem to even grasp why everyone is not yet FLOCKING to your inbox to work with you.

Welll allow ME to be the one to tell you..

YOU’RE NOT TAKING THE ACTION BECAUSE YOU’RE ALLOWING HOW YOU FEEL (which you have control over btw, which I think you’ll come to see that this might be the whole damn point of this blog, or at least one of the very important ones) TO DICTATE WHAT YOU DO.

or in your so very sad case, what you DON’T do.

And quite frankly, well, to be honest, because I’ve been there, done that,

-didn’t buy a T-shirt though because they didn’t have my size-

if you don’t change something NOW,

well then, RIP girl.

Not to be dramatic or anything, but just to send you a WAKE UP CALL.

Because obviously no one else in your life cares enough to or else you would have already WOKED the FUCK UP.

Don’t you MF SEEEE!?

It’s all a choice,

it’s all a decision,

it’s all a CONSCIOUS decision to become aware in the moments you are feeling off, feeling complainy, feeling like how you DON’T want to feel and saying,

“ok cool,

I totally realize that I do NOT want to feel this way that I am feeling currently.

So with that being said and me being a responsible, emotionally intelligent, consciously creating my reality with a MF MESSAGE to share with the world, doesn’t have time to sit around and wallow in their pitty grown upy adult here,

How DO I DESIRE to feel right here in this moment?

How do I CHOOSE to feel instead?

What feelings do I desire and what do I need in order to feel this way?”

*cue the tuning in to higher self*

Write it down, journal that shit out, DECIDE,

tune into how being this version of you and feeling these feels would ACTUALLY feel,

do whatever you need to do feel them,

consciously get into the place of feeling them,


Because the world ain’t gonna change itself now is it?

And even if you’re having trouble tuning into these new found feelings?

Even if you can’t quite yet totally feel into how you truly desire to feel?

Guess what?

Ya take MF action ANYWAY.



Because you ARE the MF person who shows the fuck up for their life + you have an EMPIRE to build darling!


So what’s it gonna be?

Allow the energy of the people and world around you to ever so EASILY blow you over and send you down the rabbit whole of negative emotion and not taking acitonville like a mere feather in a wind storm every damn day?

OR CLAIM your place as the mf POWERFUL, CONSCIOUSLY creating their reality BADASS with a LIFE CHANGING, CONSCIOUSNESS SHIFTING mf MESSAGE to share and DECIDE to own your feelings, take control and show up no matter what?

The choice is yours.

Everything you need is already within you

So don’t shoot the messenger.

xx Chlo