Say it With Me- “The Less I Hustle, the More Money I Make.”

Chloe Elizabeth

Deep down I use to believe that the way I wanted to live, the way I live now and my vision for the near future, was selfish, “just not the way things worked,” not possible, greedy maybe even, too far out there in dream world and just straight up OUTLANDISH.

Waking up when my body desires to, taking time in the morning for me,

to journal, write my blog, drink my tea or coffee, snuggle with Howler, stretch, meditate, tune in and see what I need, for however long it takes, dropping into flow,

then after?

honestly, do what feels good next.

Not hustling,

not stressing,

not feeling as if I had to do things simply because I HAD to do things

or because some business coach or entrepreneurial industry said I MUST if I wanted to “make it” or be successful.

Because to me and others like us, deep down,

being truly successful,

being truly purposeful,

feeling fulfilled,

having abundance in ALL areas of life, always meant,

not just BEING but also DOING ME.

In business and everything else in between.

Doing what I MUST because my SOUL must,

not because I must in order to

>make money

>get people to like me

>get people to buy from me

>get people to follow me

>get people to be my friend

>get people to DO anything

>PROVE myself of EARN my right to live the life I desired

Because that’s not the point.

And honestly, if you’re trying to do those things in your life and business, you’ve got it all wrong sister. And I can probably guarantee you that you’re not where you want to be.

I do it because I MUST, I do it because my soul is guiding me to, I do it because it’s what I came to this mf planet to do!

and when I started working and operating from THAT place,

all the things above just followed.

Because how could they NOT when you’re living from your soul?

I use to think traveling when I wanted, being pampered, getting my weekly massage, spending all this time and energy diving deep and working on ME, my mindset, my vibration, shifting my beliefs was selfish, was obsessive, was not possible to live this way,

until I realized that it wasn’t.

Until I realized that it was the exact opposite in fact.

See, I choose to live my life differently so I CAN do my soul work,

so I can be a clear channel, so I can help others.

The way I think and operate and even vibrate is different,

because well, I’ve taken the time to work on me,

and because how ELSE would I be able to guide others, shift their beliefs, shift their energy, move them through blocks, awaken what is inside of them, if I didn’t?

If I was still stuck in lower vibrations?

If I didn’t make it a conscious effort to keep my energy clear and do what my soul needs most?

And this all gets to be true,

simply because I DECIDED for it to be true.

Simply because I showed up each day for myself and did the mf work.

The internal work.

Because it’s not about what you do, it’s about who you become.

And I simply decided to become the person who the less hustling and striving and gripping and controlling I do, the less I operate in these old paradigms, the more I work on feeling good, raising my vibration, working on MY internal game, expanding my consciousness and then giving this away to others-

the more money I get to make.

And yes, I had all the shitty beliefs and blocks and shit getting in the way like we all do.

I had to dig deep, look my shit STRAIGHT in the eye, feeel into the blocks that were holding me back, choose DAILY to show up for myself even if I didn’t fully feel like it,

EVEN and ESPECIALLY if I felt:


-like it wasn’t working

-I was just being a ranty biotch on the internet

-I wasn’t truly helping people

-”omg wtf are people going to think of me”

-I was being too vulnerable, too transparent

-I was being too ME

I worked through the fear and showed the fuck up anyway.

and YES, the fear still shows up, those things still come up,

they’re just not AS scary,

or maybe I just know how to handle them now.

Regardless, I knew what I felt deep down, what I felt in my soul, what rang true within me and always had since I was a little girl, was the ultimate truth.

Not the fear + bs lies and conditions I had picked up along my journey.

And sometimes all it takes is a good taking inventory and looking straight in the eye the feelings inside of you and asking-

“Is this my deep down truthiest truth? Or is this just something I picked up along the way that I get to let go of?”

Because the feelings inside of you are real.

Your dreams are real.

Your desires are real.

And any way you desire to live your life,

is not only possible, it’s a MUST

because how else are you going to awaken the world with your amazing gifts + wisdom?

Your work is needed.

You are needed.

And everything you need is within you-

xx Chlo