Why Some, Maybe Even You, Will Never Be Who They Are Meant to Be

chloe prudore

Why some, no MOST, and YES, maybe even YOU, will never be who they are meant to be.

Will never accomplish their goals,

will never be successful,

will never reach the vision and become who it is they KNOW they came to this planet to be.

You can “do, do, do” all you damn well please.

You can put in all the work, implement all the strategy, practice, study, buy more courses that teach you 1,2,3 formulas for success and building a business, you can invest ALLL your time, YEARS, and MONEY and STILL end up hopelessly lying on your kitchen floor, staring at the ceiling, crying your eyes out, wondering wtf is wrong with you while your dog comes over and licks your face to try and offer a bit of comfort.

“Now aren’t you being a little harsh, Chloe?”

Or maybe you just don’t want to hear it because I’m probably treading AWFULLY close to a wound somewhere deep inside you,

or a FEAR that NO, you don’t know wtf you’re doing,

and 10 other fears around “NO, maybe I WON’T ever make it,”

and quite frankly, it scares you to DEATH, whether you want to admit it or not.

So are you ready to hear the thing that will separate you from those that KNOW they are destined but never actually do VS those who KNOW they are destined, make shit happen and FUFIL their true life’s purpose and desires?

It comes down to this very simply question-

Are you BEING the person you say you deep down want to be?

Right here,

right NOW.

are you truly being, EMBODYING, this higher version of you?

Do you truly SEE yourself as this person? Do you TREAT yourself like you ARE the person you desire to be? Do you walk, talk, think, BELIEVE and take ALL ACTION as if you are this person?

Do you truly mf SEE, that BECAUSE you have a VISION to BE this person,

that it actually means you ALREADY ARE this person?

You’re not pretending, you don’t have to EARN it, it’s just a part of you you have to decide to STEP INTO.

Because you can “do do do, hustle till the fat lady sings, or whatever the saying is, implement, implement IMPLEMENT ALL the strategies till you’re blue in the face, invest all your precious TIME- oh the mistake of believing that you need TIME, of thinking that time will somehow save you-

It’s an illusion you see.

Because the only time it takes for you to “make it,” the only time it takes for you to become successful, is the TIME it takes for YOU to STEP INTO the mf person you know you are meant to be and fully fuckin’ BELIEVE IT.

Because you can DO all the above and still end up nowhere.

Unless you DECIDE to SEE yourself as this person.

How CERTAIN are you?

How CLEAR are you?

Are you certain and clear that this version of you is available somewhere in the future?

Not good enough.

Then you will continue to KEEP this version of you in the future.

Because the only moment there ever is, is NOW.

So you must and you just have to embody the higher version of you NOW.

Plain and simple, really.

But oh so hard for most to grasp.

You want to be an expert in your field, THE person everyone goes to for whatever it is you do, whatever it is you teach, whatever it is you are oh so passionate about and can’t shut up about, your wisdom, your gifts, your ART?

Let me ask you again..

Are you showing up to your life each day like you are the expert?

Have you CLAIMED your rightful place INSIDE of yourself as the mf expert!?

Do you truly know and feel and are CERTAIN that you are the effin best at what you do and everyone should pay you just to be in your ENERGY!?


-Well then, there’s your problem and probably $100,000 worth of personal development/therapy/coaching I just saved you. #yourewelcome-

It’s not narcissistic of you,

it’s not vein of you.

You either ARE the person or you’re not.

If not, step down off your wobbly, uncertain thrown so someone else who IS certain can claim their rightful place.

And I’ll give you a little hint, (although I think this whole post is hint filled already)

the world is not appointing them shit.

They appointed their own damn self.

Adjust your inner world,

believe, KNOW you are the person

and watch the world respond accordingly.

You create your own reality.

And everything you need is within you.

xx Chlo