What If You Just Let TF Go and Allowed?

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What if you just LET TF go and ALLOWED.

What if you just ALLOWED all the GOOD that has been knocking on your door, to ACTUALLY flood into your life?

What if you just let go of the fear, the drama, the stories, the past and the anxiety about the future.. ALL the thoughts + beliefs that have been pushing, no DRAGGING, you in the direction OPPOSITE of your dream, of your desires, of your vision, of the highest version of you,

What if you just let it go.

That’s all.

That simple.

No fuss.

No muss.

No puss.

(I mean, it’s not a pimple we’re dealing with here.)

What if you just let it go,

Like a fall leaf, gracefully detaching from a branch, floating down to the earth, how easily and breezily it’s done.

What if you let go, just like that, and kept floating on in the direction of your dreams?

“Oh but that’s TOO EASY." you say.

“Don’t you KNOW, nothing GOOD comes without hard work, without the struggle, without the PUSH and PULL and resistance and dramatic story!?”

“Don’t you know!?”

your ego yells and screams at me.

But don’t YOU know,

That this yelling and screaming is EXACTLY what is keeping you oh so sneakily AWAY from everything you desire and require and KNOW deep down is yours?

Don’t you KNOW that this is the WALL your ego has oh so sneakily built, brick by brick?

And I say, likely not, because you’re so busy being busy, you’re so busy being caught up in the bs drama of it all ..


and no, Mexico ain’t funding this one either.

This wall’s on you.

So it’s time to wake up.

ANYTHING you say back to my easy breezy leaf metaphor,

ANYTHING your mind so gently offers and adds..

“Yea, that’s nice Chloe BUT.”

Is simply a limiting belief.

It’s simply a limiting belief, which is what?


Which is keeping you stuck in this ever repeating cycle of manifestation HELL, don’t you see?

Oh I see it too easily because I’ve been through it all.

I can see through your blocks, your self sabotageness and where you are oh so steadily REPELLING all that you desire..

Much like an energetic NINJA.

Creeping into your subconscious like a thief in the night..

But like, a good thief.

A good thief?

(Idk, just go with the story)

An energetic NINJA, like a thief in the night, READY to SNATCH away and dissolve all that is no longer serving you.

All that is being clung onto so tightly by your scared false self.

In the cobwebbiest corners of the most forgotten places + the most abandoned spaces,

deep within your subconscious mind.

From before you were born to all the lives you have lived.

I can see that shit, SENSE that shit, from

777 miles away.

Energetic miles of course.

The only question that now remains is…

are you ready,

oh how your soul is begging you to be ready,

to just let TF go?

xx The Boho Boujee Ninja