Stop the TRYING and Buying into the False Illusion- Stop Filtering Your Message

The Science of Spirituality Chloe Elizabeth

Stop the TRYING and buying into the false illusion that you must BECOME something other than the magical YOU you are here to be.

Stop filtering your message.

Stop filtering your art.

You are innately abundant.

You are innately ALL the f*cking things you wish, desire and require to be.

You ALREADY have it all?

“Oh well then WHERE is it, Chloe!?”

You may frustratingly huff and puff at me.

You already have it all, but you’re not allowing it in.

It’s STUCK over THERE, in another dimension,

with ANOTHER version of you

And it can’t manifest into this physical time, space, reality,

because you’re too busy PUSHING IT ALL AWAY.

You’re too busy, worrying, gripping, controlling, wondering HOW to get people to follow you, buy from you, LISTEN to you, WONDERING what exactly to say and DO that will somehow EARN you the RIGHT to the life you truly desire.

But don’t you see, all of THAT,

all that pondering and questioning and egoey thinking is quite simply FILTERING your message.

It’s filtering YOU.

You’re putting a lens over your message- a lens of “this is what I THINK I should say to make money.” “This is what I THINK the people want to hear.”


Just allowing your soul fucking TRUTH to flow out of you that is ALREADY perfect, already abundant, already EXACTLY what the collective consciousness and your soul tribe people need to HEAR.

YOU, the FALSE you, just needs to step back long enough to ALLOW it to flow out.

The HUMAN you, although so cute and innocent and totally meaning well, needs to sit the f*ck down and allow HIGHER SELF you to flow through the SHOW.

Because THAT is when the magic happens.

THAT is when people can’t wait to fucking hear what you have to say because they resonate with you on such a deep soul level.

THAT is when people love to fucking pay you because they just MUST be in your energy.

THAT is when you ALLOW in ALL the good you KNOW you’re here for.

It you have the desire, it is yours.

It’s done.

It’s coming.

It’s on its way.

You already OWN it.

There is nothing in the UNIVERSE that could keep what is meant for you AWAY from you, DON’T YOU SEE!?

Except.. well yes, there is an EXCEPT, except your OWN DAMN SELF.

You can prolong its arrival into your physical reality.

Oh how the human us just LOVES to do that.

It LOVES to pretend we aren’t worthy,

it loves to pretend we don’t deserve,

It loves to get caught up in the stories and the BS drama of it all, because any OTHER way, like the way things are MEANT to be in this dimension, the way of ease and grace and flow and ALLOWING, well that’s just TOO DAMN EASY, isn’t it!? Our ego likes to convince us.

“What will people THINK!?”

“YOU certainly did nothing to deserve that!” It plays on repeat in our subconscious.

And OH how we just LOVE to partake in this ongoing DRAMA.

And I’m here to tell you that enough is ENOUGH.

That the drama is OVER.

if you so choose for it to be.

It’s a simple decision, a simple AWAKENING…

to the plain and simple truth

That everything is already YOURS.

You are a MF god/goddess and you came here to be NOTHING LESS.

So instead of stressing and wondering and thinking and dinking your way around in your business, around in this world, wouldn’t it just be oh so much SIMPLER, oh so much more FUN even, if you just remembered, oh if you just fucking remembered,


And all it takes, is to simply lean back, feel good and ALLOW all that is true, all that is DIVINE to flow through you!?

So stop filtering your message.

Stop the TRYING and buying into the false illusion that you must BECOME something other than the magical YOU you are here to be.

Because remember,

everything you need is within you!

and all you must do is allow it to come through.

All the love,