When Are You Just Going to Give Up and DECIDE!?

chloe prudore

When are you just going to give up and DECIDE!?

Decide and SEE that it MUST, it JUST, and quite simply HAS to work out your way.

YOUR way, the way that feels good, the way that leads to flow, the way that your SOUL has been guiding you to do life, do business, make money, LIVE, ACT + BREATHE!?

When are you going to truly finally SEE, that the way the world is telling you you MUST,

is actually NOT the way it’s going to work for you.

It’s NOT the way you’re going to build your empire

and it sure as hell is NOT the way you’re going to make money just being you.

Because the world’s not set up that way, you see.

So when are you going to see that there’s nothing you MUST, there’s nothing that no body, no entrepreneur, no business coach, no money coach has that you don’t.

There’s no secret, there’s no magic formula,

there’s no 1, 2, 3 business in a box type of jig,

unless of course you’re wanting to live a 1, 2, 3 stuck in a box type of life that is.

But this life of passion, this life of purpose, this life of SOUL quenching GREATNESS, your DESTINY that you know you are meant for!?

THAT life,

can and HAS to be built by following one thing and ONE THING ONLY.

And that is and always has been SOUL.

YOUR soul.

Your way.

There is no highway in this story.

Just trusting and knowing and BELIEVING that life gets to fucking work the way you’ve always known deep down is has to work.

NO MATTER what the rest of the world says.

NO MATTER how much your partner, your parents, your best friend, YOUR EGO EVEN, says you’re crazy or doesn’t believe it gets to.

No matter how crazy and outlandish YOUR way seems.

It’s the way you’ve always known and suspected,

especially as a child.

Creating what you went,

when you want,

from WHEREVER you want,

prancing and dancing, doing whatever the hell you damn well please.

You’re an artist,

a creator,


You can feel it in your bones,

it’s coded in your very DNA.

Or else let’s face it, you wouldn’t be here,

you especially wouldn’t be reading this blog, oh gosh no.

So when are you going to WAKE TF UP and SEE,

that YES, life gets to work the way you’ve always envisioned.

How could it possibly be any other way, really?

and all it takes is an acknowledgement,

an understanding

an acceptance of sorts,

a letting go of all the thoughts and beliefs that say otherwise.

Because just admit it, quite frankly, you’re damn well TIRED of carrying around the beliefs of the world.

the beliefs of everyone else who think and tink their way around life,

sad, depressed,

oh so deeply believing that life is this sad sad place where you must conform

where you must “do,” and hustle and bustle,

till someone else tells you to stop

just to pay some god awful bills,

and maybe, JUST MAYBE,

go on vacation once or twice a year.

You didn’t come here to buy into that life, now did you?

So “Yes, hello? is this customer service? Because I’d like a refund on these shitty beliefs, thank you.” is what you’ve been thinking.

As you should be.

As expected from someone like you and me.

But when are you going to start believing..

to really trulllyyy SEEEE,

that all it takes is a DECISION.

A simple decision to step into your truth, your next level self, all you are meant to be,

a simple decision, that is all on YOU

and really has nothing to do with me.

xx Chlo