Staying the MF Course


Most just want to jump STRAIGHT to the money making bit.

Straight to the results bit.

Which is fine, I get it.

And is also totally possible and what I teach in my programs and to my clients.

I mean it IS just quantum physics.

But sometimes there’s lessons to learn and upgrades to be received.

Because when it comes down to it…

If you want to live from flow,

If you want to build an aligned business,

If you want to make money just by showing up online and sharing your message,

You’re going to have to just KEEP. FUCKING. SHOWING. UP.

For how long you ask?

For however long it takes of course!

I mean IS this or is this NOT your purpose work?


Your TRUTH!?

So it shouldn’t matter how long it fucking takes then, hmm?

Because there IS no going back.

There IS no giving up.

It’s your Truth, with a capitol T.

What you came to this planet in this day and age to mf DO.

Your soul contract.

What FUELS you and FIRES you up!

Isn’t it?

And if it’s not, then you’re dabbling in the WRONG work and need a major inner SOUL CHECK.

So tell me:

HOW LONG have you been showing up?

HOW LONG have you been sharing your message?

EVEN when there were crickets?

EVEN when no one fucking seemed to care?

EVEN when all the fear and doubts kept creeping up, trying to convince you you weren’t worthy and were making a fool of yourself?


How long have you been showing up, sharing your SOUL, sharing your message, your TRUTH, your vibration raising gifts with the world?

Not to make money,

Not for a specific outcome,

Not for the fame and fortune and recognition.

but simply because you MUST.

Simply because deep down, it’s a matter of life and death.

And as you continue to hide, as you continue to doubt, as you continue to dim your light and give into the influence of the world,

your SOUL DIES a little more and more.

The anxiety creeps in, the depression hits you like a storm,

and all of a sudden you’re wondering WHY the fuck you feel this way?

and I’ll tell you.

Because, quite simply, and it really is quite simple..

you’re not following it’s inner nudges.

You’re ignoring the cries, the SCREAMS, the agony you’re putting yourself through as you try harder and harder to conform.

To fit into this world you were never meant to fit into.

From doing the things the world is telling you you SHOULD

rather than doing the things your soul is telling you you MUST.

And to live a life of ease + flow.

To build a life and business around simply being you,

You must continue on, NO MATTER the outcome you are currently experiencing.

Because once you DETACH from the outcome,

once you show up REGARDLESS.

and KEEP showing up mind you,

THAT is when the switch will FLIP.

THAT is when you will have let go of the outcome fully enough to actually begin experiencing all that you desire to experience.

It’s quite a paradox really.

So are you committed or are you not?

Are you willing to stay the course?

After all,

The only “time” it takes to be successful is the time it takes for you to realize, embody, truly understand,

That you already are.

And everything you could ever need- is already within you.

xx Chlo


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