F*CK the Rules: It's All Made Up Anyway


It’s all made up.

These “rules” we live by,

are all simply things that we’ve all decided to believe so strongly,

that now everyone takes them to be true.

They’re not real.

it’s an illusion.

Everything and anything.

What you “can” and “cannot” do in life.

How money works.

How you get to make money, CREATE money.

Down to who you decide to be in life.

It’s all up to you. It always has been.

And when you tap into THIS..

When you realize it’s ALL made up.

When you choose and decide to follow your SOUL and live by what’s INSIDE of you…

That’s when the magic happens.

Because you are 110% in control.

Of your health, your wealth, the way you FEELLL,

and most definitely what you create in your life.

As long as you choose to be.

As long as you DECIDE to become aware of it.

As long as you LET GO of and GIVE UP the drama and judgement that many are all so addicted to.

(I use to be. I use to THRIVE off of my complainy attitude and blaming everyone BUT myself for what was going on in my life.)

But once you wake up and realize this,

that it’s all inside of you,

that everyTHING and everyONE is simply reflecting back what you believe about yourself and the world, literally the vibration you are vibrating at,

THAT is when you can just sit back and laugh.

Sit back and laugh and realize that you’re creating it all.

Even down to how you PERCEIVE people are treating you.

YES, even that.

And some may not be ready to hear that,

to truly HEAR it on a deep soul level.

To truly OWN it.

To truly DO THE WORK

around shifting, changing, rearranging, what is INSIDE OF THEM.

Because LIFE gets to take care of you, if you let it.

LIFE gets to be as good as you DECIDE for it to be.

if you’re willing to do the work.

Life gets to work FOR YOU.

I get to sit here at the coffee shop, typing away, writing my book, writing up the sales page for my AMAZING new offer, F*CK the RULES, which by the way, you MUST join if you so feel led to, because I DECIDED to. The barista automatically brings me a napkin and water without me asking because the thought just crossed my mind and OF COURSE, because I chose to let tf go and ALLOW life to take care of me.

I choose to be in RECEIVING mode.

I choose to be OPEN and EXPAND and see everyone and everything as the amazing reflection of ME that it is.

I LOVE and appreciate all these humans walking around and doing their thing, and loving and living life the way they so choose,

because I LOVE and appreciate MYSELF.

and when I didn’t?

I only saw the grumpy, pissed off, unhappy and angry in every one

and that is what I continued to experience.

Because it ALL stems from you.

“Believe it and you can achieve it” seems like a silly quote we just POST and PLASTER all over schools and walls and Pinterest and motivational “Millionaire Mindset” Instagram accounts, but once you sit still and tune into it, it’s actually TRUE. It’s actually TRUTH on such a deeper level.

And you may nod your head and shake it up and down and agree with me and say “OF COURSE” I believe it’s true, because on a mental level, like DUH, of course, “I believe I can do ANYTHING.”

But let me ask you,

do you really?

Do you truly, really believe in your GREATNESS?
Know the STRENGTH of your wisdom and power?

Are you EMBODYING and LIVING and truly ENJOYING the pure BLISS and ECSTASY that is available to us once you FREE your mind and begin living from your SOUL?

Begin living from what TRULY LIGHTS YOU UP, on a DAILY fucking basis??

And if you are content and happy and feel your life is just grand, then PERFECT, I’m happy for you, and this is not meant for you, unless of course you just enjoy reading my writing and it just puts you in a certain state of flow and love and joy. Unless of course my energy just JUMPS out of the screen and into your heart and soul then by all means keep reading. I love and appreciate you no matter the case of course.

But if you’re not,

if you suspect, and you always have,

that deep down their MUST be more.

That this just CAN’T anyway be IT!?

That your soul has been gently guiding you elsewhere, or maybe not so gently by now,

If deep down you BELIEVE in MAGIC,

Magic that the world slowly but surely continued to piss on as each year went by,

Then I’m telling you,

I’m showing you

I’m guiding you,


Back to the Truth you’ve always known.

Back to the Truth that’s still somewhere within you, no matter how buried and dusty it might be.

No matter how much darkness and grim and fear and spat might be covering it.

No matter how many “not good enoughs,” broken hears, broken words, or sticks and stones have been thrown at you,

deep down you know none of it matters,

because none of it is true.

Because you know and understand the Truth of who you are.

The Truth of who you came here to be.

That you are love and love is all there is.

That there is more, So. MUCH. MORE. to this life than just meets the eye.

And you’re beginning to remember,

you’re beginning to see the glimpses,

the light at the end of the tunnel,

or that maybe, just maybe, again, the tunnel isn’t even real, that it never was,

that it was just, yet another, MADE UP thing, by WHO KNOWS who.

That no matter how much you search, how much you wonder, how much you TRY and TINKER and look for the answers outside,

the answers in someone, someTHING else,

That the answers, the magic this JOY and LIMITLESS that you seek.

Has always has been and always will be, inside of…


xx Chlo


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Because I’ve never been one to follow them anyway.

From middle school dress code to corporate America-

I always knew deep down there was a different way.

A better way.

MY way.

My SOUL’S way,

Of living life and making money by just being ME.

That these “rules” everyone else was living by, didn’t fly right with me, and ultimately that they were just MAKING THEM UP anyway!

So I decided I got to make up my own, too.

Everything in my life I have created has been a product of me saying F*CK the rules and following what I deep down KNEW to be true.

It’s come from a place of someone of perceived higher authority telling me:

“No, Chloe, it doesn’t work that way.”

“No you can’t just play around on the internet and actually earn enough money to support yourself.”

“No, money doesn’t work that way.”

“Building muscle takes time, you can’t just EXPECT to have the body of your dreams in a few months.”

“No, sorry, you’re just going to have migraines and anxiety and all these other (seemingly pointless) health issues for the rest of your life. So here are some pills. Thank you, come again.”

Basically “NO CHLOE, You can’t just effing FOLLOW what you FEEL INSIDE OF YOU and expect it to work!”

And Every. Single. Time. I just laughed a little and said “Watch me.”

The second I decided to say F*CK the Rules, truly LET GO and TRUST myself,

my soul, God, the Universe to guide me,

Life started saying HELL MF YES to me.

And it just keeps getting better.

Because I DECIDED that it gets to, of course.

And I’m going to show you how you can too!

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