You're Not Here to Pay Bills and Die


You’re not lazy, indecisive or have a bad work ethic.

You’re not irresponsible or lost

maybe a little confused, yes.

But the reason why no job satisfies you,

the reason why with every new offer and every idea,

your excitement quickly fades,

And as the days go on it seems harder and harder

to wake yourself up,

your actions become forced,

there’s a feeling that stirs deep within you.

You might not be able to pinpoint or explain it

but it’s this feeling that something just isn’t right.

This feeling of “this is it?”

This feeling of there MUST be more.

And depending on how in tune you are with your emotions, your body, your intuition

or if you stuff them down and numb yourself like I use to with food and prescriptions,

this feeling could be oh so subtle that you might not have even noticed it until now,

or it could be screaming at you, much like an angry cow.

But yea,

it’s not that you’re lazy or don’t know the meaning of “hard work” and “effort”

so don’t let the other generations convince you as such,

it’s simply because your soul has just, quite frankly, had enough.

See you didn’t come here to just pay bills and die.

So you couldn’t get away with it for much longer,

even if you tried.

Because the uncomfortable feeling,

this “never satisfied” type of vibe,

is your soul pulling you towards your PURPOSE,

your actual tribe.

See, I could have never been happy in outside sales or in the OR

because it’s not what I’m meant to DO,

So my soul so graciously saved me,

and I believe the same could be happening to you.

See, you will always be pulled in the cosmic direction,

and whether you go willingly or fight till the death,

is up to your perception.

You’re here for such a greater purpose, it’s true.

A purpose way beyond what you could have ever learned in school.

See, deep within you lies inner wisdom and gifts,

that only YOU can provide, so quite with the lists!

Of jobs that simply pay the bills or look good on paper,

Because below the surface, these types of jobs will never cater.

Not to mention you’ll be caught up in the money game,

When you don’t realize your true abundance,

it really is such a shame.

For tapping into your inner creative power,

Might not seem too lucrative at first,

But that’s simply because you haven’t realized your WORTH.

You are infinitely abundant,

it’s just your natural state.

From the beginning of time,

to your exact birth date.

No money isn’t everything,

but lets get real,

You want nice things,

It’s actually no big deal.

Money is just energy, love and appreciation,

for the creations you create,

for your infinite wisdom.

See, when you tap into THIS,

there’s no cap or fixed salary,

Because you are an infinite being,

the creator of your own reality.

xx, Chloe

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