What If You Didn't Have to Obsessively Heal Your Inner Sh*t?- A New Paradigm


What if none of your limiting thoughts and beliefs were true? 

[They're not, right? Duh, Chloe.] 

Ok and what if even FURTHER,

this IDEA in the land of personal development and business and science and wherever else it lands,

that you must work through and untangle and DECIPHER all your subconscious limiting beliefs and stories and BS you've been conditioned to believe and picked up along the way from your parents and society, wasn't true? 

What if you actually DIDN'T have to spend every damn morning repeating affirmations to yourself that ultimately made you feel more unworthy and more broke? 

That you actually DIDN'T have to re-live whatever emotional trauma you went through as a child over and over and over again until you're blue in the face

(or maybe red from crying so damn much?)

just to "heal" your childhood wounds? 

What if ALL of that.. was just another story you decided to buy into?

Hmmm... interesting..

Another story that instead of actually HELPING you move forward and manifest your desires...

was actually keeping you even MORE stuck, was actually REINFORCING your so called "problems?" 

Then what? 

We live in a world of infinite possibilities.

You have the power to choose whatever reality you decide to choose.

And reinforcing your current one by continuing to get bent out of shape and frustrated and waking up each morning as if you are STILL indeed so called “stuck” where you were the day before,

only continues to keep you on your hamster wheel.

Only continues to keep activating vibrations within you that you no longer wish to be activating.

So what’s the answer then, Chloe?

You must decide.

You must choose.

You must decide and choose to be DONE with your current situation as if it is already past.

To be not just mentally but E N E R G E T I C A L L Y DONE.

On the other side.

Onto the next.

ALREADY living and walking and BREATHING and talking this next chapter of you.

This next version.

To just decide to be DONE with the past.

Done with the wondering and digging into and deciphering and decoding.

To move on and move FORWARD.

To forgive and step INTO.

This upgraded, this next level, this HIGHER SELF, version of you,

Right here,

Right now,

In this moment,

and forever more,

It is done.