Why the "Normal" Business Rules Aren't Working For You- And Never Will


Just because your business may not be RAKING IN THE DOUGH..

Just because you have like 2.5 clients..

Just because you've gone through periods where you've oh so seriously wondered HOW you're going to pay the bills on this entrepreneurial journey of yours..

doesn't MEAN anything about you.

So quit attaching all your emotion to your money, honey. 

Quit attaching your worth, your purpose, whether you're good enough to DO what you came to this planet to MF do,

to your current reality and how maybe your HUMAN self has been a little self sabotagey in your business,

for lack of a better word. 

Because chances are. You were just taught wrong.

Most of us are.

Especially the ones like us.

Because the peopley people of the world, the prim and proper, 1,2,3 step strategy nonsense business building formula type of entrepreneurs just don't get us.

So continually buying their step by step formula courses and programs, isn't ever going to work for you, darling.

[I’ve tried it. I know.]

Because that's just NOT how business works when you mainly operate in the spiritual/energetic realm.

We have different "rules" here. Different "laws."

The first one being that there are.. no.. rules.

But I think you knew that. Or at least you had a hint. 

And your minds been so clouded with all the things you THINK you SHOULD be doing in your business, that you haven't even had the CHANCE to tune into your soul. 

Which is why there's been a disconnect you see? 

And I think, I KNOW,

and your SOUL knows,

that it's time to mf UNPLUG from the sh*t that hasn't been working,

that's been leaving you high and dry in your business and life and come to the dark side.

Jk, really it's light and lit AF over here.

But you first must make the jump.

Are you ready? 

The Universe has your back.

And so do I.