The Infamous Slipping Back into Old Patterns + A Powerful Plot Twist


You’re on a roll, making changes, feeling good,

you finally truly FEEL like you’re making progress

and then

out of no where, BOOM,

you feel it coming on again.

Those feelings.

You can’t explain who or what or when or WHERE the hell they came from,

but you just know,

they feel all too familiar.

All too real,

and then, down you go.

You feel it in your bones, slipping back,

back, back, back,

into old patterns, old behaviors,

Thoughts of “I knew this would happen.”

“I knew I couldn’t do it.”

“I knew I am just a failure,”

race through your mind, totally out of control.

You give in, you lose your footing and then it’s

game over

and you know it.

Back down the hole of fear and despair.

Proving to yourself, yet again, how irresponsible, unworthy, stupid, + any and all other negative thoughts that you can possibly think about yourself.

And this is the story of how you never move forward. (playing out for what seems like the 5748008434th time.)

Seem familiar?


What if…

What if those feelings that you started to feel at the beginning of our reenactment here, weren’t what you thought they were?

What if they weren’t the same feelings, the feelings that always seem to drag you down and bring you right back to square zero.

What if they really, truly, just weren’t?

And what if, the only reason why you keep being dragged back down to square zero, is simply because of your perception, your thought + BELIEF that they are?

What if this time.. those feelings.. what if they were actually, well… different?

“Different!?” you say.

Just feel into this with me for a sec.

What if they were different?

What if they were new?

What if they didn’t mean, what you thought they meant?

What if they were actually you, peeling back a new layer, dissolving new energy that needed to be dissolved,

right on time, perfectly in sync with everything you’ve been creating?

What if they were the BARRIER, needed to come up to the surface, needed to be felt, needed to be RELEASED,

in order to UNLEASH your NEW NORMAL,


The new version of you you’ve been so diligently calling in, embodying and becoming!?

What if…

What if..

What if..


the ONLY thing you needed in order to REACH this new level, BECOME this higher version of you, was this simple, oh so simple yet oh so powerful, shift in perception?

Because after all, it gets to be easy, right?

And after all again, YOU are the only thing standing in your way.

So, let’s ponder this again, shall we?

What if?

xx forever your mirror,