What Are You No Longer Available For?

chloe elizabeth

What are you no longer available for?

What is the higher version of you who you are deciding to step into and show up as now, no longer available for?

What does that version no longer need to worry about?

If you were truly operating in your magic, what would no longer be in your reality?

When I became no longer available for not being able to pay my bills, the money showed up.

When I became no longer available for making money any other way EXCEPT through my purpose work, what is inside of me, my message, my truth, just being me, giving away all that I’ve learned/became obsessed with when it came to my own growth and expansion and changing my life, the money just showed up.

I took about a year hiatus on working on myself, raising my vibration, transmuting fears and trauma, all the emotional blocks, energetic blocks, doing the inner work, every single day. I was literally obsessed with uncovering this, up-leveling that, all inside of me. It wasn’t something I just made time for, it literally became my life. It was what I did every day.

Probably would have been a lot easier if I would have just did what Jesus did and escaped to the forest for 40 days but hey, it is what it is.

I took that time for myself, but also so I could help others up-level, reach their next level, expand and grow their own lives even faster.

But the first half of that time, I spent stressed and worried about money.

I knew what I was doing was much needed, that it was a choice, but I still couldn’t relax. I couldn’t let go. I couldn’t release and fully trust that everything was working out. I struggled and struggled and struggled…

until I finally realized that I didn’t need to struggle anymore.

And that’s when things shifted.

When I realized that all I needed to do was DECIDE. Claim my power. Make a decision for what I was no longer available for- the struggle-

Then just let tf go and trust.

Trust that every single thing was working out for my highest good, my vision, everything was already taken care of, was done.

And all I needed to do was let go and truly BELIEVE it.

All I needed to do was decide that I was no longer available for the struggle.

xx, Chlo