Are You Being SUCKED into the Personal Development Black Hole?


Personal development.

Personal development books have been my best friend since day 1 of this entrepreneurial journey of mine. 

Starting back in 2016 when I finally decided to read the copy of "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens" my dad had gifted me. 

After finishing that first one and realizing I was capable of changing my life, of directing my future, of shifting my mindset, my perception, of taking control of shit.. I was hooked.

I went through all the classics, the usuals- You are a Badass, How to Win Friends and Influence People, The Miracle Morning, 10x, Eat That Frog, the list goes on and on.

At the time, I was a fresh, young Beachbody coach, hungry for success and anyone who would listen to my spiel to "join my team."

With each book I read, new breakthroughs, realizations, "aha" moments and just full on excitement flooded my mind.

With each page I turned, I could feel the adrenaline rushing through my veins,

TODAY WAS MY MF DAY! I would think.

I was addicted.

The rush, the feel, the HIGH.

Finishing yet another book was like a huge dopamine hit to the brain. I felt alive, ready to conquer the fucking world!

But then...

Not quite yet it seemed.

Something happened.

Something actually awakened within me.

And it wasn't all the money and fame and glory and success I had been hoping for.

It was a realization.

deep realization. 

So profound.


That it made me break down and cry.

"NOTHING has changed." I said to myself.

"I have gotten absolutely NO WHERE."

"In life, in my business, I feel like such a failure."

After quitting my job as a Neurophysiologist in the OR a tad bit too early,

I could barely afford to pay for the monthly box of protein shakes I was suppose to be buying every month to stay an "active" coach. (You network marketing peeps know what I'm talking about.)


I felt dead. Lost. Stuck at square one.

WHERE had all this hype and excitement, "can do" attitude, determination, drive and TENACITY gone!? 

I mean, I had to have read over 50 books by then.

But it hit me.

I was still repeating my old patterns of sabotage.

I was still STUCK in my same old BULLSHIT stories, beliefs and excuses.

It was as if I had a starring role in the movie, Groundhog Day, and every fucking day was the same.

I felt stuck in an endless cycle. 

SURE, my MIND could spit back to you every Tony Robbins quote out there but my SUBCONSCIOUS, my BODY, my SOUL, my AURA, my VIBRATION hadn't been touched.

The DEEPER part of me that unconsciously ran my life,

the part of me that had an unhealthy relationship with money, with success, with the idea of being an entrepreneur, with myself, with BELIEVING I even DESERVED the success I was after let alone all the money, the part of me that still had some shit to workout from old wounds and beliefs that my parents and society happened to oh so generously instill in me.. hadn't even been scratched. 


You see, we can get all hyped up mentally, take everything in on a MENTAL level, but that's only the surface shit.

That doesn't even come close to touching who we actually ARE.

That doesn't come close to penetrating the DEEPER patterns and beliefs and FEARS that ultimately make up how we live our lives.

The fears and beliefs that run so deep that we aren't even aware of them.

The ones that KEEP us OH SO CLOSE, yet OH SO FAR away from that level of success, purpose, impact and fulfillment we so desperately crave.

The ones that keep you up at night, crying your eyes out, wondering what in God's name is wrong with you and when are you finally going to catch a break.


Yea.. those ones.


I felt it too. 

And boy did I feel it hard.


It wasn't until I started diving deeper,

and exploring more spiritual based personal development books that I was led to the INNER work that had been missing from my purely mindset book days.

The inner work that led me to FACE MY FEARS + take note of my self sabotaging patterns that had been holding me back from truly living my dreams.

The work that led me to raising my vibration and truly BECOMING the person I wanted to become, rather than just merely reading about it on a page.

The inner work that has led to ease and flow and success rather than shame and guilt and throwing in the towel.

See, if we don't change what's INSIDE OF US, if we don't truly take inventory of our thoughts, beliefs and patterns, nothing will ever change.

They will continue to run the show and we will continue to wonder wtf is wrong with us and why everyone else seems to be doing it all so easily.


Which is why I vowed to help others breakthrough their own BS.. their own little box society tried to put them in.


The work I do is transformational.

Life changing.

Vibration raising.

Consciousness shifting.

I make you do the work you've been avoiding, the work that actually gets you the results.


Because it's not about what we DO.

It's all about who we BECOME.

And we can't become who it is we truly are here to be..

if we first aren't aware of who we are showing up as now on this deeper level.

On this level that goes so much farther than just our mind, than just simply reading words on a page and getting excited about them. 



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Because after all, 

Success doesn't have to take "time."

Time is just an illusion. 

Time is not truly linear like how our human minds understand it to be. 

The only time it takes to become successful is the time it takes for you to RAISE YOUR VIBRATION to that next level badass version of yourself.

And we're going to raise it NOW.

So stay thirsty my friends.




Idk, I just thought that ending was appropriate.

(And I like dos equis. It is what it is)


See you on the other side