I healed my dermatitis- no medicine, no doctor, no magical creams, no change in diet (I was already eating a 95% vegan diet)- by letting go of old subconscious programing and beliefs that longer served me. Beliefs that had been unconsciously running my life since they were ingrained in me as a little child.


When it first broke out, in desperation I got a prescription from a doctor for a steroid cream. The box said use no longer than 14 days because of how strong (and terrible) it was for you to be putting on your body.


The dermatitis went away for a few days, then came back with a vengeance. It took over my whole face. I didn't know what to do. I didn't want to go anywhere. It was too raw and painful to even put makeup on. All I wanted to do was stay inside + cry my eyes out. I felt hopeless. And all anyone could tell me was to go to a dermatologist who would just prescribe me another useless steroid. 

So I tried it all. I spent endless hours, days and nights, crying in bed and googling everything and anything I could.


Raw fruits + vegetables, a juice cleanse, natural creams, coconut oil, even water fasting. Nothing. The rash seemed to only be getting worse as the days went on.


But I knew better. I had already healed my body before with food + traditional chinese medicine. I knew every symptom had a deeper, emotional, energetic meaning.


So I felt this time I was being called to go deeper.

Deeper into the TRUE meaning of why I even began getting dermatitis in the first place. Deeper than relying on something OUTSIDE of myself- like food & my acupuncturist- to heal me. 

I knew this time I was being led to dive deeper and discover the healing ability already within me. The power already within all of us. The ability that we all are taught to ignore.


So I did the inner work. I looked at the parts of me I had been hiding from.

I discovered old childhood wounds, feelings of "not enough," "not worthy," and parts of me I had been taught to hide from the world for fear of being fully seen. 

It was painful facing these wounds, but as I did, I could feel the power of them over me slowly begin to fade.

And as I started to love myself more and more, the dermatitis began to disappear until one day I just woke up and it was gone.  


I know everything in my life I have experienced for a reason. I have all these healing stories (and at such a young age) because I am meant to share them.

We are in a new age. An age of awakening and coming back to our true power. An age where the old way of doing things is no longer working.

And people are starting to take notice.

Everything is energy. Our thoughts. Our feelings. Our beliefs. They are all a part of our aura. And on a deeper and mostly unconscious level, they are what create our reality.


Maybe this is something the world as a collective isn't ready to hear yet, isn't ready to own- but we are responsible for everything that happens in our physical world.

It is something most aren't ready to own because it feels safer to keep running from our wounds and our shadow, than to face the darkness head on. It feels safer to stay stuck in fear than to shed the old programming, old beliefs and step fully into our Divine Masculine + Feminine power.

It feels safer to stay stuck in our old wounds than to face them head on and step into this new world of unconditional love.


But when you expand your consciousness and begin to see these truths for yourself, you will realize that your fear was only an illusion. That your shadow was just an aspect of yourself that needed the light to be let in. 

So it could be seen, healed and transformed back to love. 

You will start to truly see + FEEL that God is within you and has been all along.

That a whole universe is inside of you and you are here for far more than you could ever imagine. 

We're just too busy looking outside of ourselves for all the answers.


I have been healed by western medicine, eastern medicine, food, drugs and everything in between. But this time none of that worked and I now see the reason. Because this time, was the first time I experienced the raw healing power within me. 

Medicine is not the final answer, food is not even the final answer. It's expanding our consciousness. It's becoming aware of ourselves on a deeper level, how we are creating our world and affecting everyone else's. It's returning back to where we came from, pure, raw, unconditional love.