Do You Choose the Crystal or Does the Crystal Choose You?


Something I don't talk about much but incorporate on the reg...


While meditating, sleeping, creating, healing something and just because they look pretty in my boho boujee apartment of course.


I use to be skeptical of their power until this past year.

Although ever since I was little I was obsessed with all the shiny rocks.


You know when you go to a National Park or some sort of outdoorsy place and in the gift shop they have a little velvet black bag of smooth tumbled stones!? 


Yea.. I was always the kid asking my parents for the "rocks."

Back then... well because they were just so dang PRETTY.

But maybe my soul knew something. 

Maybe I was drawn to them bc deep down I knew of their magic...


So how did I start buying crystals as an adult you might ask?

Well, it sorta happened by accident.

I never intentionally did it.

I always saw them online and in stores and thought "oh they're all so pretty, I just wouldn't know where to start or what tf to do with them."


Then one day I was in some mystical little shop and I just felt so oddly drawn to two crystals in particular.


I don't know how to describe it besides I just KNEW I must buy them and whatever mystical power they held, I needed.


Without knowing what type of crystals they were or even their healing properties, I bought them, immediately went home and began to research.

SURE ENOUGH, whatever their main properties were happened to be EXACTLY what I needed/was trying to call in at that moment in my life.


Of course I thought.

Of course it works that way.

Of course the Universe would guid me to exactly the crystals I needed.

Of course my soul just freakin knew.

It always does.


And after that, I never questioned my intuition when I felt drawn to a certain crystal again.


Because your soul knows.

It always knows.

Your higher self knows.

You are always being guided to your highest good, 

if only you just have a little faith and trust.


xoxo, Chlo


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