Feminine Masculine Flow


Tapping into your inner wisdom, your higher self, the fire within you. Aligning with what is trying to emerge inside of you. Aligning with the creative power within you.

Going into the vortex of your soul, with no agenda, no control, just letting it flow out of you.

Give up control. Give up thinking you know. Give up having an agenda and let your soul guide the way. Let your soul flow out whatever it needs to flow out. In whatever way is calling to you. 

Think of all your thoughts and actions and controlling as your masculine energy trying to come through you as blocking the feminine, creative flow. Instead see the masculine as a container. 

A strong, firm, yet gently container, that holds space for the feminine to be all she needs to be. Holds space for her to move and change and flow and allow and just experience herself like the changing of the weather. Allowing her to be all she needs to be. Bitch, Mother, Lover, Seductress, Priestess, Healer. Without judgement, without fear, without anything but unconditional love and compassion. And allowing all the creativity that needs to be created to manifest. 

It's the dance of the masculine and feminine energies within yourself and within relationship. But first you must master this within, in order to dance with your partner in such an aligned, soul flow dance. 

It's what we've always known. It's what we came here to reawaken on the Earth. To tap back into. The energies within you are fluid, and you encompass it all. Everything you need is within you. This wisdom is within you. You may feel a slight knowing, a slight remembering.

Silence the ego that is trying to convince you otherwise.

Step into your flow. Step into your own ancient wisdom trying to surface itself in your life. Trying to make itself known again. Just relax and lean back into your own feminine flow and have trust and deep unconditional love for the divine masculine within you to guide the way. 


Love. C