Google Maps for Life


Yesterday I went hiking because I had been feeling off the past couple of days and being in nature always seems to snap me out of it. I really wanted to get to this one part of the park that I had no idea how to reach so being the outdoorsman that I am, I pulled out google maps.

It said it was going to take me 30 minutes to reach my destination and it was effing hot as hell outside.

"Isn't there a faster way.. can't I just skip all these winding twists and turns!?" I thought to myself knowing that obviously I couldn't just poof there, although the thought was nice in the 100 degree heat.

About halfway through my journey, I passed a little bench in the shade and for a split second I thought to sit down and take a breather but the impatient side of me kept going.

I thought of stopping as a total waste of time. I didn't care how shitty and out of breathe and thirsty I was. I wanted to get to where I was going. I didn't care how I felt in the moment, I thought "I'll feel better and enjoy myself once I finally get there."

Right after that thought passed through my mind, whatever "answer" I had been searching for the past couple of days hit me like all the bricks it felt like I was carrying in my backpack.

Recently I have been so impatient, trying to reach the outcome, trying to get to where I want to be in life, where I think I'm suppose to be. And because of this, I refuse to stop. I just keep going, my mind keeps turning aimlessly, to the point of exhaustion and feeling out of whack. Because all I can think about is getting to my destination and THEN I'll enjoy myself. And THEN I'll start living.

Anytime the universe slows me down and forces me to sit on the bench and take a breather or nourish myself, all the anxiety creeps up and my ego takes over. 
Telling me I'm "going backwards," 
I'm "off track," 
I'm "falling back into old patterns that I already let go of." 
The thoughts and self sabotage go on and on really. 
But it all suddenly became so clear and felt as if a weight had been lifted off my shoulders just for having this simple realization.

And then the even bigger picture hit me again. 
If I had just skipped all the winding twists and turns like I had wanted to at the beginning (not that this was even possible but theoretically), I never would have came to this realization. 
I never would have ran into that little bench that triggered this thought, this lesson to cross my mind.

So often we just want to reach wherever it is we're headed. We question why the path has to be so long, so scary, so unknown, so winding. 
There is no goggle maps for life so we tend to question even more if we're even going the right effing way.

You are creating your own path.
And there is no right or wrong.
There is just your way. 
And every step is needed.

Because everything you encounter from A to B is exactly what YOU need to get to B. 
And even then, the journey is never so simple nor linear.

But it is always beautiful. 

Which is why we can't compare. 
We can't follow a 1, 2, 3 plan and expect it to work the same for us as it did for someone else. 

All we can do is lean back and trust. Trust that we are always exactly where we need to be, and that everything is always working out for our highest good, whether we can see that clearly at the moment or not. 

The universe always gives us exactly what we need at the exact right moment. 
Our job is to let go of the need to control and to continue to trust, continue to love ourselves and others unconditionally and to be open to receiving all the amazing twists and winding turns on our path. 


All the love, 


Soul WordsChloe Elizabeth