Have you just forgotten!? Let me be the one to remind you...


Have you just forgotten!?


Sadly as part of the human condition we've forgotten most of our Goddess like greatness so let me just be the one to remind you...


that you GET TO HAVE IT ALL.


>>the body

>>the business

>>the soul aligned AF purpose filled work

>>the first class trips

>>the money

>>the empowering King + Queen status relationship

>>all the tattooss (ok maybe that's just me but you get to have them too if that's what you want)


It's not bad to want it all.

You're not greedy or selfish for not wanting to settle.

You're not crazy for following your SOUL over what society tried to force upon you.

You're not any of the things you might think people are thinking about you or whatever your mind is falsely telling you that is oh so sneakily holding you back.


These desires are simply you remembering who you are.

it's simply you awakening to more of yourself and your souls desires.

it's simply you beginning to step into your fullness, your greatness, your TRUE mf purpose in this world.


and it's about damn time.

We've been waiting for you.

The world's been waiting for you.



Because you see, all of that is actually welcomed here.

And quite normal.



In fact, it's just the way life has to be.

because what's your other option?


We don't play by that here.


Because you were born for more.


You were born to have it all.

And you're starting to remember that it doesn't matter wtf anyone else has to say about it bc their opinion about you only reflects back the sadness and uncertainty in their own soul. 


So carry on like the badass you're becoming.

The badass you are.




Because everything you need is already within you.

and you my love, are a whole mf universe. 


xoxo, Chlo