[How Buying a $75 Silk Robe for No Damn Reason When I was Broke Made Me Money]


I bought this robe that I sip my tea in each morning, in a prime time of confusion, despair and making like ZERO monies.

I was nannying to support myself as I continued to heal from all the inner ish I had woken up to, like ptsd + hanging round a narcissist my whole life and not realizing it #itisswhatitis

So I was in Victoria Secret, who REALLY knows why I was in there when I didn't have money to spend lol, and then I saw it. 

This navy silk, EXTRA for no damn reason, robe just hanging on the hanger, waiting for me to stumble upon it.

The Boho Boujee Goddess in me NEEDED IT. 


Did it make sense? NO.

Did all the fears start popping into my head,

reasons why I'm IRRESPONSIBLE with money,

shouldn't buy it

and blah blah blah come up?


But it wasn't about that, it wasn't about some quick, make ya feel good shopping addiction either.

It was the energy it gave me.


The person it helped me step INTO.

The "yes I feel super shitty about myself and wtf am I even doing on this earth"

but ya know what,


I know I deserve it all.

I KNOW I'm going to do whatever TF it takes to figure this business thing out and I also like waking up each morning feelin' like I'm on vacation in some BOUJEE hotel.

Because shouldn't life ALWAYS be lived this way?

So I bought it.

And I went home and journaled out all the bs shit running through my mind, probably cried a bit and got over my effing fears about money and having nice things and feeling like I don't deserve them.

Because ultimately that's what it comes down to.

Money is never truly the issue.

It's your beliefs about it.

And yourself.

It's your beliefs that are either making it run from you in the opposite direction

Or allowing it to flow into your life with EASE.

And once I started saying YES to my SOUL rather than my bullshit fears, I began to see how money truly is just energy.

All around us.

An infinitely abundant supply.

Because YOU as a soul are infinitely abundant.

And once you start saying YES to what's inside of you, to those little inner nudges guiding your way..

Rather than gripping on ever so tightly to the beliefs of "not enough" and "don't deserve." 

The beliefs that are ultimately, oh so silently, keeping you away from everything you desire,

You will begin to see and feel how infinitely abundant you truly are.

All the love,