How to Get What You DO Want >> When You Seem to Be Getting Nothing But the Opposite


When we complain about what we DON'T want, we just get more of it.

You're creating a vibration within you for that exact thing. It doesn't matter if you're saying you "don't want debt" or you're "working on getting out of debt," all the universe hears is DEBT.

It's hard for us to change our thinking bc our brains are wired in such a way to do the exact opposite of this. 

But we can UNLEARN what we have learned like Yoda said lol {I'm not a huge star wars fan, like at all, but I read that quote in a pretty scientific book this week and decided to run with it}


>> If you feel lost >> what does FOUND feel like?

>> If you feel confused, stuck >> what does CLARITY + EASE feel like? 

>> If you feel poor >> what does RICHER feel like? 


It took me so long to see that I was out of alignment with what I truly wanted because I was too busy complaining about what I didn't want.

Instead of talking about over THERE {where I wanted to be,} I still felt the need to keep talking about over HERE {where I currently am.} And what you focus on grows.

I was still talking about it, complaining out it, therefore I was still so deeply FEELING THE FEELINGS of where I didn't want to be. And it's our feelings, our vibration, that create our reality. 

It's only once we begin to feel the feelings of where we want to go, as if we are already there, that it shows up as true in a physical sense.




>>So think {+ feel} about this: How can you shift your words, your thoughts, your feelings to be in alignment with what you DO want today? As if you already have it and are living it. 

>>If you already had everything you've always wanted, what kind of person would you be? How would you FEEL? 

And live from THAT place. ^^


It's these seemingly insignificant steps, these super easy exercises that might seem dumb at first and like "Chloe, no wtf I'm not going to do that, I don't have time, I have bills to pay." { << haha, seee, already out of alignment} that close the gap between where we are and where we want to be. 


Alll the love,