How to Sell Online


How to sell online. 

"What do I need to say?"

"What do I need to do?"

"What is the 1,2,3, formula that will get me the sale?" 


^^This thinking will get you the OPPOSITE of what you want.

Sure it might work some, but it won't give you the soul mate clients, the soul aligned biz, the multiple 6 figure biz, the MILLIONAIRE status biz.



Because people don't buy your shittty, planned out 1,2,3 words on your sales page that sounds perfectly scripted by every other jack + jane entrepreneur out there.

They buy YOU.

And when you sit there and think it through and ask yourself...

"What do I need to say to sell this program?"

"What do I need to say to get more clients?"

"To grow my following, to get them to like me, to see me, to HEAR ME, to fucking whatever you want them to do..


You instantly separate the magical ingredient from your business.


You instantly separate yourself from the equation because you're not just letting the message come out of you. You're not just allowing your soul to say whatever it is it wants to say, what it NEEDS to say. Your higher self. Your aligned self. The TRUE YOU that was mf born for more and to raise the vibration of this planet.


Because you know. 

Your soul knows.

It always know EXACTLY what to say and do and be.

You've felt it before.

You just ignore it and choose to listen to your mind more often than you'd like to admit.


But what does that get you!?



Pissed at yourself for not doing more to make this work.

Pissed at yourself for not saying what you truly want to say, doing what you truly want to do, living how you truly want to live, BEING who you truly want to be and CAME here to be.


Because the truth is, it's not what you have to DO, it's all about who you need to BE. 

and that my dear, is simply, you


All the loveee.

and remember, everything you need is already inside of you.

Mwuah xoxo, Chlo