I'm Not Here to Hand You a Tissue- Busting Through the Blocks


Consider me a mirror.

YOUR mirror.

Mirroring back to you your beliefs about yourself, the world, your possibilities, money, love- all the things.


I'm not here to comfort you with some ego BS and hand you a tissue.


Although I will hand you a tissue and hold space for you to let it all out.

Because I do have all the compassion and I totally get it.


And because I totally get it, 


I'm not here to be the best friend who just agrees with your inner BS and made up stories in your head.


Oh no.


I'm here to mirror that ish back to you.

I'm here to trigger you.

Trigger you so hard that you have no choice but to LET GO of the BS and BUST through the blocks.


The blocks that have been oh so sneakily holding you back.


From experiencing LIFE the way you know deep down you are here to experience it.

The blocks that have been holding you back from calling in 

-your true passion

-your purpose work

-a career that pays you to just be mf you

-all the abundance (and yes that includes money)

-all the love (self + from others)

-all the health + well being + inner peace

-all the freedom of just being you


all the fucking BLISS that is life that just seems oh so slightly out of reach for whatever reason. 


I'm here to help you bust through the blocks holding you back, 

From being you.

ALL of you.

The YOU that is FREE from fear, scarcity, lack, the "not enough" and "don't deserve" stories

free from the prison of your mind.

The you that is high key livin' your best life by simply letting the TRUE YOU shine.

Because after all, that is what we came here to do.

Raise the vibration of the planet by simply being US.


and it gets to be easy if we choose.

but first we must decide to BUST THROUGH THE BLOCKS.



All the love,

Your personal perception shifter + mirror



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