Just Because You Have a Purpose, Doesn't Mean You Will Live It


Just because you have a purpose, does NOT mean you will live it.

Sound harsh?



Like "WHO is this girl to say this about people?"



Look, we ALL have a purpose.

Every single human on this planet is here for a reason.

Here to teach, share, love, give their gifts, their art- that only THEY can give.

But most won't awaken to it.

And even the majority of the ones who DO, WON'T LIVE IT.


Because they WON'T TAKE ACTION.


What, did you think you just skip and hop along in life and some day, some how you will just MAGICALLY fall into your purpose?

It doesn't work that way.

I use to think that.

But then got tired of sitting around moping, feeling depressed, anxious, sorry for myself, unfulfilled, simply for NO OTHER REASON than I wasn't sharing what was BURSTING IN MY SOUL to come out. It was driving me mad. 


Sure, you might magically one day DISCOVER your purpose, with your BRAIN. Like FULLY comprehend it on a MENTAL level.


But that day might be too late.


Because you ALREADY know. 

Your SOUL already knows.

If you are reading this now, follow me, or resonate with ANY of the crazy asskicking rants I go on, then STOP KIDDING YOURSELF.

You already know your purpose.

You're just scared.


You're scared of what people will say, what they will think, wondering if society will disown you if you go all in and act on what is inside you.

So you make up excuses for yourself about why you are not ready.

While half of you hides and the other half of you slowly continues to wither away and die... because something is wrong with you!?



You aren't sharing what's inside of you and your soul, your body can feel that.

Doing my purpose work, writing, getting my shit out into the world literally FUELS ME.

It fuels my soul.

I feel nourished.

I feel whole.

I feel fulfilled.


It was an instant cure for my "depression."

My "anxiety." And my woe is me stories I kept telling myself.

When I don't write each day or get OUT of me the message that needs to get out, I literally FEEL it.

I'm grumpy.

I'm cranky.

I can't be bothered.

And I definitely don't want to deal with other people's shit. 

Don't know where to start?

Just start.

There's no right or wrong.

Except just not fucking going for it.


So what ACTION are you going to take today? Right here? Right now? 

Because what else do you have to do? Scroll through Instagram for another hour?


Allll the serious asskicking lovee

[because I love you],



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