Living on the Edge of Fear: How to Know You're on The Right Path {A Real Live Journal Entry from Yours Truly}


I feel silly.

I feel dumb, what will they think of me!? 

What if they're like wtf Chloe, you weirdo.

"Damn, why does she cuss so much?"

Fear I will be too much.

I feel too much. Extra. Too bold.

Who says I'm allowed to be this bold? That's not allowed.

Fear that I'm just totally reading all the signs wrong.

That my gut is wrong. My intution.

What am I afraid of? Why am I afraid to share my truth? Who do I feel like I'm hurting?
Who do I feel like I'm offending? 

I feel scared they won't like me. 

Too whiny.

Too crazy.

Like wtf is she even talking about? Fucking crazy ass.

I'm scared I will be judged.

I'm scared people will think something's wrong with me. Do I think something's wrong with me?

Oh gosh, here come the thoughts.

Not today Satan. Or ever.

I'm scared people will look down on me for cussing.

Or think badly of me as a person. Do I look down on me for cussing? Do I think badly of myself as a person? Why do I feel this? Why haven't I let go of cussing or thinking badly of myself.

Everything is energy, Chlo.

What am I truly truly scared of? 

Being along. Being lonely.

Not having anyone to turn to.

Not having anyone in my corner. 

To support me. To love me. To spend time with. 

All these feelings are INSIDE of me. Both sides of them. The "good" + the "not so good."

I am ok.

I am enough.

I am love.

I am overflowing with love. Forever and always.

I don't NEED anything from anyone.

I am love and just want to continue to express life and love THROUGH me and overflow with so much freaking love.

Love is all there is. 

It's ok to let go. 

Bc holding on is like needing something from the world. Like thinking you are incomplete when truly you are a whole universe.

Holding onto people is like needing something from them. So then not allowing them to be their true self. Not allowing their true self to shine and blossom and just be.

To just be and love.

To just be and love them. Their true self. For them. Not for what they can give you.

Because you already have it all. 

I am enough.

They are enough.

Just being.

As the loving beings we are.


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