Money Isn't The Issue


If money weren't an issue, what would you be doing with your life?


(and to be quuite honest, money never is the issue, only our beliefs about it)


but for shits and giggles, if money weren't an issue, what would you TRULY want to be doing in the world!?

What sounds FUN.

What maybe sounds crazy but another part of you is like WHY THE FUCK NOT!? and gets all giddy inside with excitement.


Sorta like when the name The Boho Boujee Goddess came to me.

Part of me was like wtf, Chloe.

Who are YOU to call yourself that. 

What kind of effing name is that anyway?

What will all the people think!?


Then the other part of me, the badass higher self part that knows all the things and has all the wisdom was like "yup, that's you girl. Own that shit."


So I just rolled with it.

Because WHY TF NOT!?


Stop taking your life so seriously.

Ahh, that's when the magic happens.


When you let your guard down and put that damn ego to rest.

When you transmute the fear by knowing and realizing, oh wait, it's just all in my head, it won't ACTUALLY kill me or put me in any type of danger. Oh damn.

When you learn it's safe to follow your desires.

That they're not bad or wrong or too much or make you an inconsiderate greedy hoe.

They make you YOU.

Because your desires were given to you by GOD.

for a MF reason.

Your desires were nicely packaged up and implanted into your dna, heart, soul, wherever the hell desires are stored in this human experience...




Ah smart huh?

Don't you see how perfectly orchestrated this whole world/Universe is!?

Divine intelligence at its finest.

We would be wise to trust in it every so often.

Or more like EVERY day.

Because when you're following your DESIRES- whether it's to travel, start a business, help other women with something you've overcome, get all the tattoos, express yourself more fully, write a book- THAT'S when the magic happens.

THAT'S when the money comes.

The inner peace.

The joy.

The bliss.

The ECSTASY that is life.


THAT'S when you start going to sleep every night with peace and this deeper fulfillment KNOWING that you totally expelled everything from your soul that day and are serving your divine purpose.


So lemme ask you again..


If money didn't matter, WHAT WOULD YOU DOING IN THE WORLD!?

Making money JUST BEING YOU?



xoxo, Chlo