Quit Selling Yourself Short and Pretending You're Happy Where You Are


You'll never be ready. 

There's never a perfect time, there's never a perfect place.

There's only right here, there's only right now.

This is your life.

No one is going to one day hand you your business on a fucking silver platter.

You're not going to wake up in the future and just be fucking living your dream.

You create that shit NOW. Today.

Step by soul guided step.

Action leads to clarity.

Not tomorrow because you're too tired.

Not next week because you're on vacation this week or because you're swamped at your 9-5.

Not when you "feel ready."

Not when you're done uncovering whatever the hell you think is wrong with you or done healing from your deepest darkest childhood and past life wounds.

Take it from the chronic procrastinator and dream putter offer,

"someday" never fucking comes.


Feeling "stuck?" the only way out is by TAKING ACTION.

You can plan and outline and "get ready" all you want but you'll only be getting ready for your whole fucking life.

And getting ready for what exactly?

To be fucking you?

To be your true self?

To be who you came here to be?


The truth is.. you will never feel ready.

The way you "get ready" is by taking action.

The way you overcome the struggle and stagnation is by just DOING the damn thing. 

You let that shit flow.

You take that first soul guided step into the dark and the next step becomes lit up a little more.

You trust in your soul.

You trust in the Universe.

You trust you are always always being guided and are exactly where you need to be, right here, right now.

You trust that every fucking thing you need is already within you.

And that no person, place or thing is going to save you.

Only YOU can save you.

And the funny thing is, you don't even need saving.

it's just an illusion, just a fear, just another BS story

keeping you from living your dream and being who you came here to be.


So what are you going to choose?

Are you going to keep selling yourself short?

Keep yourself small?

Pretending you're happy and fulfilled and satisfied with where you currently are, with the soul sucking job that has you stuck in its energy draining grip?

or are you going to step the fuck up and show up for yourself?

Are you going to take action NOW, because you're the 1% who is here to experience their dreams + desires in the physical,

rather than just playing on repeat through your head.


Because ultimately what it comes down to is just a choice, 

just a decision.

And no one is going to make it for you so quit selling yourself short.

Chloe Elizabeth