Size Doesn't Matter- For Your Email List That Is


Size Doesn't Matter- For Your Email List That Is

It's not about the email list, it's not about how many followers you have, it's not about how many likes you get on your photos or how many comments you get.



It's the mindset work + the message + your intentions + how fucking SERIOUS you are about getting your message out there into the world.

Because if you think it's about the former, where is your mindset?

you must think that if you hit some magical number in your head with your email list that you will be rich.

That your email list = more sales.

Or your followers = more money.

OR more followers even = more people seeing/resonating with your message.

Which is NOT totally true.

Because the people who are meant to see your message and be moved by your message and work with you and 'reunite' with you on a soul level are the people who have always been meant to work with you and always will be. They're your SOUL people.

Literally the people YOUR SOUL attracts and brings in and there's nothing you can say do + be otherwise that will keep them away. (especially not how many people are on your email list or are following you on instagram)

Besides not taking aligned action + filtering your message out of fear + staying small of course. 


but the POINT IS, is that the email list is NOT THE POINT.

The followers are NOT the point.

Sure they are things we can have in our business and utilize. 

But don't define yourself, your business, your income projection, your ANYTHING by the numbers.

Because then we just get all caught up in pointless mind games. (sounds like dating lol)

and you DON'T want to be caught up in pointless mind games worrying about things that don't matter and giving off that needy/anxious vibe, do you?


didn't think so ;)


All the love,



P.S. Remember, everything you need is already inside of you.

Including everything you need to call in EXACTLY who you need to call in to that dang email list + following.  

MWUAH xoxo

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Chloe Elizabeth