Stop Over Complicating Your Business + Just Let it Be Easy


Starting a a business, running a business, making all the money you know you want + DESERVE in your business, doesn't have to be hard.

It gets to feel fun + easy + flowy..

because I CHOOSE for it to feel fun + easy + flowy.


Now when you show up each day in a state of fear and desperationscarcity and lack, not knowing what to do, stalking every other jack + jane entrepreneur out there, getting ideas from them, making sure you're doing this whole thing "RIGHT," 

now THAT is when it turns hard real quick.


I know because that use to be me.

Haha that SO use to be me.

I laugh at how much I tried to copy others in the fitness industry because I didn't think MY OWN ideas were good enough. I didn't think I was GOOD ENOUGH.


When you are constantly watching others and being swayed by their own ideas and whatever they're doing on their livestreams and whatever they're launching at the moment aka so YOU MUST launch that too... you take away the KEY INGREDIENT in your business..




You take away the aspect where you get paid just to show up and BE YOU.

Getting PAID to be you? Now doesn't that sound nice?

Well, THAT my love, is how business works over here.

Because why would it and how could it happen any other way!?


OF COURSE we get to just show up, share whatever is inside of us and get paid to be us. That is just the way it works.

It gets to be easy.

You get to attract your soulmate clients like a magnet and they love to pay you.. simply because..well.. you are YOU.


Here is the formula that you hunt and search for so badly if you think you MUST have a formula:

1. Be You

2. Share Your Message

3. Ask People to Pay You

That's it.

If you were hoping for some intricate, difficult, stressful formula, then you got the WRONG woman and you're probably not, you're DEFINITELY not, my soulmate client. Which is fine. It is what it is.


Still with me? Good ;)

So YES. We get to show up and get paid for what is DEEP in our soul because what is deep in our soul is healing, transformative, life changing, WORLD CHANGING. YOU BEING YOU is enough to change lives. After all, that is what you're here for isn't it?


So why for even one teeny tiny second, would you think Sally over there launching her prim and proper boring offer would have any cool ideas for YOUR badass business? Hmm? Tell me?

Or was it the fear that you let take control?

Regardless, if you want it to be easy, LET IT BE EASY.

Stop over complicating things.

I can tell you, I did that for years and if you want to know the secret, it doesn't work + it feels like shit. Shit + no money.

So you choose. 

If you're ready for it to be easy, let's do this.

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All the love,