Take Off Your Mask- Quit Hiding Your True Gifts From the World


Are You Wearing a Mask in Your Business?

If you're anything like me, you've be wearing one your whole life.

You're being who you think you're "suppose" to be.

You always have been.

You've always lived your life this way.

It's just what you were taught.

You've always worn the mask of who mummy + daddy or society wanted you to become.

Prim + proper.

Perfectly polished.

Clean mouth.

Always making sure to do things JUST so. 

Never wanting to disrupt. 

Never wanting to disappoint.

Never wanting to cause drama, chaos or any type of emotions because then YOU would feel responsible.

So you continued on in life living in this perfectly polished box, never coloring outside the lines.


And so far it's worked.

You're successful.

You have ALL the things everyone else so desperately wants.

You may even be living the supposed "dream life."


But something just feels off.

Something is not right.

Something is not.. well... YOU.


And your soul, your TRUTH, the REAL you, is aching to get out.


You feel disconnected.

From your soul.

From life.

And honestly from the clients who, you would never say this out loud, but you AREN'T TOO thrilled about working with.


I mean SURE, you're making money.



But behind your perfect #bossbabe pink + gold website, filtered posts because you wouldn't want your mom, aunt or neighbor from when you were little to see how you REALLY talk, + everything else that just SCREAMS cookie cutter entrepreneur, 

Your SOUL is screaming even louder.


to be SEEN.

to be acknowledged for who you REALLY are. 

Who you always have been..

But have been too afraid to show because "WHAT would all the people think!?"

So let me ask you again...

Are you wearing a mask in your business?

Are you wearing a mask in your life?


I wore a mask in mine.

For the longest time.

A mask that dictated everything in my life, including what I thought I should be wearing.

I was afraid to cuss.

Afraid to speak my mind.

Afraid to even get my NOSE pierced.. let alone the tattoos I now have on my hands.

And when I began to feel stuck + stagnant in my old fitness business and couldn't figure out WHY..

it was my mask that was keeping me from realizing that fitness WASN'T my TRUE passion.

That it was time to move on and reach for what my SOUL had been pushing me towards.

But I couldn't see it through the mask.

My instagram had 22,000 followers who saw me as a "fitness influencer."

My name was Lotsasquats.

I had a six pack + had built a booty in only a few months time. 

I was a fitness coach and I let that define me.

I let it keep me inside my box of all the "shoulds" that I had collected over the years.

The "shoulds" that kept me showing up as someone who I wasn't, when my soul had already moved on to who I am meant to be.

There was a battle going on inside of me, and the "shoulds" and opinion of others was like a thick fog, keeping me from seeing that higher version of myself clearly.

So what finally caused the shift?

I cracked.

I broke down.

I couldn't stand it anymore.

The real me had been bottled up so tightly, under so much pressure,

that it just decided to one day pop.

And it was painful.

Letting out all the shit that I had learned to stuff down over the years.

Not feeling safe to truly be myself.

Afraid I wouldn't be loved if anyone saw who I REALLY was.

If anyone saw.. 

The creative, chaotic, messy and most of the time LATE, me.

The me who wants ALL the tattoos, yes even on my hands.

Who cusses passionately because I'm just a passionate person and they're just emphasis words, right!?

The me who wants to travel the world first class, stay in fancy hotels and order room service every day.

The me who wants nice things and is a little bit EXTRA, not out of ego, but because why TF not!? 

The me who knows life is meant to be LIVED,



and thinks everyone who disagrees is too serious and just living it wrong.

The me who KNOWS and believes with every inch of her being that we are here to truly live from our soul, from our abundant, creative power and that we get to make a shit ton of money doing it.

The me who's a little bit boho and a whole lotta BOUJEEE

and wouldn't have it any other fuckin' way.


Remember, everything you need is already inside of you.

You just need to give yourself permission to let it out to play.



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