The Monsters in the Closet- Facing Your Fears Head On


>>Your breakthrough is on the other side of those feelings you are scared to feel.

Those fears you are scared to face head on.

The life you desire is just on the other side of allowing yourself to FULLY fall into your mental, emotional, spiritual breakdown.

And the more you avoid it, the more you repeat the same story, chasing your tail, wondering, feeling not good enough.

As I sat on my kitchen floor, days, months, years, who knows maybe even lifetimes, of tears and emotions came pouring out of me.
I was exhausted of holding it all in.
I surrendered and let the dam break.

I was tired of pretending to be ok, pretending to be the "high vibey 24/7 all is well and dandy me" face I thought I needed to wear for the world. 
Tired of RUNNING from my fears, from myself, from bottling it all in and letting them permeate my being. 

I felt energetically disgusting and gross. 
Like I needed a shower but one that would cleanse my soul.

I allowed every fear that came to me in that moment to well up inside my mind, inside my body and allowed myself to FULLY FEEL them.

The tears came faster. 
As my dog Howler sat next to me and licked my face, I watched all my fears, "not good enoughs," "not worthies," "don't deserves," "who am I to even EXIST," violently come to the surface.

I was afraid.

Deeply, fiercely afraid.
And then... the bubble popped.


"So what?"

So what if I was afraid? 

All of a sudden all my fears and demons seemed to energetically dissipate. 

Their thought, their feeling, their vibration, no longer had an energetic choke hold on me.

For the first time in ages, I felt like I could breathe again. 

I felt FREE.
I felt ENOUGH.
And I felt ME.

See, fear is an illusion. 

And when we continue to run from it, we continue to give it the power it craves.
The power that keeps us small rather than standing strongly in our proper place. 
When we face our fears head on, when we allow ourselves to fully FEEL them in our bodies, they lose their power.
And we claim ours back.

Your fears are a light, guiding your path.
Coming to the surface as you take each step further on your journey, further into the unknown.

When you avoid checking the closet, those monsters in there are still real, aren't they?

But once you turn on the light, you realize that they were all in your head


All the love,

Chloe Elizabeth