The REAL Step by Step for Sales, Clients and the Soul Aligned Business



I RAN MY GEARS FOR MONTHS>> YEARS EVEN in the entrepreneurial world trying to find the next best steps, the next best training, the next best freebie, the next best training video, the next best "1, 2, 3, ok I have a business" now because for some fucking reason people think that's how the world works. 

>>Searching for the FUCKING answer to make me successful, make me a "real entrepreneur," make me sales, make me FEEL WORTHY.

As if all those things came from OUTSIDE of me. 

And I crashed and burned doing it all.

Until I was left with absolutely no option left but to turn inward
to turn inward and realize I was missing the WHOLE DAMN POINT>

I AM the answer.
I AM the business.
I AM the fucking entrepreneur and I always have been. because deep down in my soul I know it to be true. (and also bc in hs I totally got in trouble for selling off campus lunch stickers to people who didn't qualify to go off campus for lunch so like duh, entrepreneur since birth over here.)

The 1, 2, 3, build a fucking biz blueprint doesn't work for me bc it isn't what's aligned with my soul.

The easy and flow and fun and purpose comes from aligned soul action.

and aligned soul action only comes from the INNER WORK.
The overcoming fears and hidden beliefs and energetically SHIFTING into the highest vision and version of myself.

No one can give me a 1, 2, 3 on how to do that by joining their email list.

Sure, I have super soul aligned, flow business mentors that GUIDE ME to do my OWN inner work, they help me pull out my inner magic.

And that's what a TRUE mentor does.

Helps you see that everything you need is already inside of you.

Because that's different than assuming my next big break lies somewhere out there on the web, outside of myself bc I don't feel enough or I don't feel good enough.

The inner soul purpose work is the answer, 
it always has been the answer.
YOU are the answer.
and once you shift into this mindset, once you start working your business from THIS mindset,
you have shifted into PURE GOLD 
and of course all the sales and boho boujee purpose filled lifestyle of your dreams  ;)