The Secret to Dealing with Anxiety, Depression, Anger- All the Negative Emotions


>>The secret to dealing with anxiety, depression, anger- all the negative emotions!?

Situations don't make us angry.
Circumstances don't make us depressed.
Also people don't make us happy.
These feelings, these emotions are already INSIDE of us. 
Our external world simply triggers them.

If you squeeze an orange, orange juice comes out, right? 🍊{Duh, Chlo}
But you weren't to blame for there being orange juice inside the orange. 
The orange juice was always inside. 
You squeezing it was simply the event that triggered the juice to come out. 
You with me? 

Same with life

>>If you have suppressed anger inside of you, anger will come out with even the slightest trigger, 

like some jerk cutting you off in traffic.

Or your dog pooping inside for the 4737272th time.

>>If you suffered from a traumatic experience or emotional abuse when you were a child (even if you have no recollection of this) certain events or circumstances in the present will trigger anxiety, doubt, low self esteem, etc

>>If you feel true unconditional love, it's because YOU are love, 
and once you let go of all the icky, negative feelings, that's all that remains inside of you💛

The point iss, the negative emotions we experience are NOT bc of anything in our current reality

>>And that's the SECRET to controlling them and having true peace in any and all situations🔮

They are from the past, 
stuck inside our bodies + subconscious minds. 
Playing on repeat whenever anything in our current world triggers them to come out and play. 
Making us feel stuck and out of control

But the TRUTH is that WE ARE in control.
We always are in control. 
Our ego just likes to make us think otherwise.
The first step? 

Simply becoming aware of this.

Being the non judgmental observer of your reactions and realizing they are from the past and have no control over you✨

xoxo, Chlo

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