Time is an illusion


Time is an illusion.

The only time it takes for you to reach a certain goal, become successful, manifest a certain result, call the money in to you.. is the time you believe it takes.


is the time it takes for you to STEP INO that person.

is the time it takes for you to energetically align with what you want.

Because you already ARE that person.

And talking about that version of you, that business, that money, that whatever it is you desire like it is in the future, will only keep it in the future.


you can never reach the future.

bc even once you've reached a future moment, it is still now.

The future is only a place in your head.

Just like the past.


Time is an illusion which is why we can experience anxiety in a totally random ass moment that we shouldn't be anxious in just bc something in that moment triggered a wound from the past.

The past is happening now- In the energetic sense, in the energetic realm.

It doesn't make sense physically, but you are experiencing the past now.


You experience all the things, all the time, now. 


The person you are meant to become, The Boho Boujee Goddess, or whatever it is for you, that version of yourself is available to you NOW.


It's like a radio.

All the radio stations are playing all of the time. They are all out there, available for you to experience any one you choose to turn to.

But you are only tuned into one station in your car.

You might be tuned into the station of lack, scarcity, not enough, broke, stuck, victim mode, so that is what you are experiencing in your physical world.

The station of empowered, abundant, confident, certain, purpose filled, wealthy, God/Goddess is out there. You just have to decide to tune in and align your frequency to it in order to experience it in the physical.

And all of the "time" it takes for you to experience is, is the time it takes for you to tune your inner world to match that frequency.


It really can be and IS that simple... if you decide for it to be.

Because remember, everything you need is already within you.


Alll the infinite eternal love,



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